9 Trending Moto E5 Plus Cases to protect your Smartphone

Moto has made its entry into the Smartphone market a little late irrespective of its friendly budget. Moto Z line is very much remarkable but the company has really worked hard in the lower end of the range. In fact, the latest collections of Moto E phones which were released last year, had come with some eye-catching features including 5000 mAh battery back up in Moto E5 Plus. So, if you are looking for a budget phone with long battery life, then Moto E5 Plus is really the one for you. With a huge 6 inch screen and modest specs, this is one of the cheapest phones which are blooming in the market.

In spite of all the above facilities, the outer wall of Moto E5 Plus is not sturdy enough and thus, a protective case is a must to make your budget phone last longer until you buy the next upgrade. So, here are the lists of top 9 trending Moto E5 Plus Cases that you can buy to protect your mobile from bumps or drops and make it last longer.

1.Black and Sea Marble Case Cover For Motorola Moto E5 Plus:

This, attractive and calm back cover design provided by Daily Objects will give you a pleasant feeling. If you love sea view and also want to keep it in touch with your heart, then it could the right choice for you.

This thin and polycarbonate hard case with a smooth free surface is brilliant for your hand. The Marble Moto E5 Plus cases will not only protect your phone from outer damage like bumps, dust, and drops but also provide you an unbelievable practical photo printing quality with a lifetime guarantee.

2. Olixar Ultra Thin Clear Case:

Clear Cases are always the great options for those who don’t want to cover the original design of the mobile yet want to make it protect from the outside damages. Olixar’s Ultra Thin Clear Case is a great addition in this and perfect option for you if you are among them who want to keep the design of the mobile on display.

Made with TPU material with shock absorbent qualities, this case is soft enough to come in the grip of your hand easily. It comes with raised bezel round the outside of the case in the camera portion to make sure that your mobile would not damage on those areas.

3. Skinomi Dark Wood Skin with Screen Protector:

Some people may not yet love to protect their phone with thin cover as they want something which could go more on styling. The Skinomi Dark Wood Skin with Screen protector is something like a skin on the back of your mobile which will not protect your mobile from bumps or drops but prevent the mobile from outer scratches.

The dark wood aesthetic body gives a cool style. In fact you can get various other types of colour combination for this cover including light wood, brushed aluminum, carbon fiber etc. The cover comes with skin protectors as well.

4. KuGi Anti-Slip Case:

If you are looking for something that will give you more like an executive look, then this Kugi anti-slip case could be the right element for you. Made from the TPU material which gives you a better grip and will be long-lasting.

It has stylish texture on the back panel which looks like leather with the features of a series of cuts down on the side of the case for the proper points like charger, headphone, cable etc. It comes with different shades of colours with an attachment of a lanyard if you want it as drop proofing.

5. Astro Space Art Case Cover for Motorola Moto E5:

The slim polycarbonate back covers with incredible photorealistic Astro Space print protects your mobile phone from outer damages, dust, bumps, and drops.

Daily Objects provides a smooth seam-free surface that will feel good in your hand with the lifetime replacement guarantee on the print. You will get that cover with all the precision cutouts for your regular charger and headphones as well.

6. Dretal soft TPU phone case:

Another great case which provides you a great look is that of TPU carbon fiber case. It will give you a classic look from the back side of the case with a dual-textured of brushed metal finish and carbon fiber.

The great grippy texture of the mobile helps you to prevent the phone from accidental drops. The Dretal soft TPU Moto E5 Plus cases come with five different colors to match with your choice.

7.PUSHIMEI hybrid heavy duty case:

The dual layer case of TPU and hard plastic PUSHIMEI hybrid heavy duty case will provide you different look.  The denim looks nice and thick plastic case not only gives a wonderful look to your mobile but also provides solid protection from the outside damage.

Even in case of sudden fall of the mobile, the screen of the phone will also be safe with the help of the lip on the front of the case.

8. Idea Line Heavy Duty Protector:

If you want to forget about the stylish thin cases and want to get the protection and utility both for your case in an equal way, then this two-layer construction with TPU inner shell and hard polycarbonate outer shell can provide a great balance of protection from various dangers like bashes, drops, and scratches.

The raised edge on the outside of the case along with the belt clip helps your mobile to protect it from surfaces and secure it without needing the used of the pocket. The case even comes with a tempered glass screen protector to give it all around protection.

If you are still struggling to figure out which one would be best suitable for your mobile, then find out the great collections of designer cases along with the above list of Moto E5 Plus cases from several online stores including Daily Objects at an affordable price rate.

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