How to Turn Off Auto Correction on iPhone, iPad

Here is the guide on how to turn off Auto-correction on iPhone and iPad.

Auto correct is a feature which corrects the incorrect text typed by the user. But it becomes a bit irritating when it gives you word which is unfavorable. It is designed to give user better experience of texting, while it may be problematic for others. These users can make their texting easy by turning this feature off.

Explained underneath is the procedure to turn off the auto correct feature on your iPhone and iPad.

Turn Off Auto Correction on iPhone

Some of the steps to turn on or off autocorrect on your phone. These steps can also be used to turn off iPad Auto correction suggestion. Follow then below –

  • Go to the Settings.Apple General Settings
  • Select General.
  • Scroll down until keyboard is found.
  • Now you will find Auto Correction on, to turn it off just grab and slide towards left, and for switching on follow the above-given procedure and slide towards right.

Several tweaks to use auto correct

When you type something, auto correct learns that word, and in future whenever you type similar word it suggests you by predicting that word. But many a times it learns some wrong words too, therefore you need to store in auto correct the word you will type.

You can do this by going to settings followed by selecting general, keywords, shortcuts, by doing this you can store the frequently used word and edit the incorrect one. By doing this it will show you the correct word which you want to type.

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There is another way to prevent the incorrect suggestions by auto correct. For this you need to erase all the words that auto correct has learned, by going to settings then selecting general followed by reset, then select reset keyboard dictionary. Now auto correct will be reset and start learning from beginning.

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