How to Get Started on Twitch: 5 Tips All Beginners Should Know

Twitch begineers tips

Twitch has grown exponentially since it was purchased by Amazon in 2014. That growth has earned it the title of being the 33rd most popular website in the world.

If you like to play video games and enjoy the idea of performing for people, being a Twitch streamer could prove to be an awesome hobby for you. It could even turn into a career!

Before you hop on this popular gaming platform, brief yourself on the following 5 how to get started on Twitch tips!

  1. Good Gear Makes a Difference

There are millions of performers on Twitch. Given that volume of choices, viewers aren’t going to stick with a streamer that’s transmitting a blurry picture or sounds like they’re broadcasting from a wind tunnel.

To give yourself the best odds of drawing in eyeballs, make sure that you have some cash to pick up a solid gear before your first stream. A good mic, webcam, and quality streaming software should be at the top of your list.

  1. Find a Low Competition Game

No matter how much you like to play Minecraft if your intention is to get people to watch you, stay away from it and from other popular titles. Your goal when picking a game should be to find a title that A) a lot of people watch and B) doesn’t have a lot of streamers catering to it.

Finding a title that meets those requirements can be done easily by going to Twitch’s “Most Watched Games” list. You can scroll through a few pages to see which games are big on eyeballs but small on performers and try your hand at them.

  1. Optimize Your Channel

The quality of your Twitch channel is reflective of the quality of your stream. Take a second to optimize it before you start broadcasting to make a good first impression.

Optimizing your channel starts with filling in your channel’s description, your contact information, and related sections. You’ll then want to use a Twitch banner template to craft a channel header that’s reflective of your band.

Finally, employ the help of ChatBots like “Nightbot” to keep your chat safe from viruses or other threats.

  1. A Little Bit of Planning Goes a Long Way

Performing on Twitch leans heavily on improvisation. If you want your stream to really stand out though, try and pre-plan a few interesting elements that you’ll sprinkle into your show (challenges, audience quizzes, etc.).

Planning can also supply you with some talking points which will protect you from those dreaded awkward silences.

  1. Stick With It

Nobody gets tons of Twitch followers overnight. Getting traction is a product of both passion and consistency.

Stick with it, lean on the how to get started on Twitch tips that we’ve just hit you with and before you know it, you’ll have a rabid fan base.

Now That You Know How to Get Started on Twitch, Start Streaming

Figuring out the basics of how to get started on Twitch doesn’t take a lot of effort. What’s hard is bringing yourself to start streaming.

Our advice is to fight the urge to procrastinate and launch your first steam. After a few shows under your belt, you’ll be a natural!

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