Chinese smartphones makers are ardent of bezel in devices and Oppo is clear indication of that as much as Huawei. While its reported that Huawei P6-U06 to be the thinnest smartphone at 6.18 mm and Oppo mysterious device with 6 mm thickness is also rumored. Surprising everyone is Umeox X5, device from nowhere to produce the thinnest smartphone in the world. Although its in production, launch is very much near.Umeox X5 phone

Being a Chinese unknown brand you might not find it interesting at first moment, but think of Oppo, they started the same way until they brought Find 5 to international level. Leaving behind thinnest smartphone in conjunction, here we concentrate on what Umeox X5 has under the hood.

Umeox X5 is in headlines just because it’s with thin bezel measuring 5.6 mm. Other than its dimensions and photo we don’t have anything exactly available. It rumored with a screen size of around 4-inch with WVGA resolution. GizChina reports that it will be available in Europe under the brand name of Thomson. Dimensions are said to be 118 x 60 x 5.6 mm. Nothing less than dual core processor or quad core should be assumed. Suggested that the price of device will not be high considering the 4-inch display. We will find out more details about it in coming days.

What you have to say about super thin smartphones? Do you care to look at smartphone thickness as an important parameter while choosing a device for you?

Source: GizChina