Unable to Make HD Voice Calls on Verizon – Vo LTE Error Fix Guide

The HD Voice Calls feature introduced on VoLTE by Verizon Wireless is a great feature. Sometimes it might happen that you may not be able to make HD voice calls on Verizon network and here we have gone through troubleshooting guide on how to fix them easily.

Verizon VoLTE

There are several reasons why you aren’t able to receive or make HD voices calls. Given below are the some of the easily solution to fix the problem –

Non Compatible VoLTE Phone

For successful HD voice call, the person you are calling should be using the VoLTE enabled phone. So for HD voice calls, both party should have 4G VoLTE enabled devices. This is the first thing you should check because the list of such phones isn’t big. Check the list of Verizon VoLTE phone.

VoLTE is Turned OFF

If you are unable to make HD Voice Calls on 4G LTE or your friend complaining about it, you should better once check whether Advancing Calling is enabled on your phone or not.

You should go through Settings > Network > VoLTE Call > On/OFF. [Read More]

HD Voice Isn’t Activated

There are possible reasons that HD Voice (Advanced Calling) isn’t activated on the line you are calling. For assistance, you might need to call Verizon customer care.

Verizon 4G LTE Coverage

Many times it happens that all the above troubleshooting guide works fine but at the time of calling you should ensure that you are getting the 4G LTE signal. This means that your phone should be in 4G LTE coverage area to make HD voice calls.

Camera icon on Person’s Photo Card Missing

Although your phone regularly synchronizes video calling capabilities status, ‘Camera icon on that person’s contact card missing’ error might happen due to status temporarily out of sync.

The solution is to sync by following steps –

  • Open Menu option within the contact card.
  • Tap on Refresh.

The camera icon will appear now. If it isn’t then the person is no longer capable of video calling.

So those were some of the problems faced on Verizon VoLTE and the respective trouble shooting guide. Are you facing any other issue, then do write us a comment?

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