How to Undo Sent WhatsApp Message | Recall Send WhatsApp Message

undo Sent WhatsApp Message: recall sent WhatsApp message, unread whatsApp message

In this guide check out how to undo Sent WhatsApp Message or recall sent WhatsApp message(unread whatsApp message).

Sent someone any embarrassing WhatsApp messages or to the wrong group and then thought you had some magical powers by which you could recall it. Well, this article might work for you like magic as I will let you know how to undo sent messages on WhatsApp easily.

Undo Sent WhatsApp Message

Don’t worry, as finally after a lot of waits, WhatsApp has released this new feature as well called ‘Delete for everyone’. Recalling a sent message- It is a feature by which you can delete any embarrassing message that you may have sent to someone.

Many technical terms are used for the word ‘delete’, some of them are ‘recall’ or ‘revoke’.

WhatsApp app has got a new feature by which you can recall any sent message. It lets you delete the message from the WhatsApp server itself. So it is neither visible to the sender nor to the receiver. In place of that message, you can see a default message. This feature was first spotted in the popular WhatsApp mod gbwhatsapp application for android. Later WhatsApp adopted the same in a native app.

You can delete or recall any type of message, text, image, video, attachment, or anything.

Let’s see the below example. Suppose you have sent a wrong message to a colleague.

As mentioned in the WhatsApp FAQ session, this feature is used to delete any message that you might have sent to the wrong person or to the wrong group.

So if you want to know the steps to recall the sent message from WhatsApp, then stick along this article and follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to recall a sent message from WhatsApp:

  1. You must have an internet connection while using this feature. So make sure you have switched on your mobile data by going to the ‘Settings’ option in your Android and then turning the mobile data on.
  2. Next, open up your WhatsApp account and go to the chat where you sent that message that you should not have sent that is from which you want to recall the sent message.
  3. Search that message and make sure, you do this within seven minutes from the time at which that message was sent. Because this feature works only for seven minutes of time duration from the time that it was sent.
  4. Hold that message for few seconds, and you will automatically see a list of options at the top of the screen. From those options, you will see an icon of the dustbin which is called as a delete button.
  5. Click on this button and you will get three options: ‘Delete for me’, ‘Cancel’, ‘Delete for Everyone’:
    • Delete for me’: This option just deletes the messages from you device only. This option was also available earlier but it deletes the message only from the sender WhatsApp account and not from the receiver WhatsApp account. It is used to delete the messages that you don’t want to save in just your device.
    • Delete for everyone: This is what has been recently added to WhatsApp. This option is a newly added feature that we are discussing in this article. When you want to recall the sent message, click on this option. By clicking on this option, the message is deleted from the WhatsApp server from both WhatsApp accounts. This means, that the message is deleted for both the sender’s account as well as the receiver’s account. None of them can see that message. The sender will see ‘you deleted this message and the receiver will see ‘this message was deleted’ in place of the message that has been recalled.
    • Cancel’: This option is used when you have clicked on the delete icon by mistake and don’t want to either recall it or delete it from your WhatsApp account. Just hit this option whenever you feel not to delete it from either of the WhatsApp accounts that is yours or the receivers.


The most important and useful point about this feature is that it only allows you to recall the message within the seven minutes from the time that it was sent. Personally, I think that this is an amazing property of this feature as it provides:

      • You can recall the message if you have sent it to the wrong person, and I think seven minutes is pretty enough to make you realize that you must delete it if you have sent it to the wrong person or group.
      • This property also preserves the legality of messages sent. Some people may use this feature for some conversation that they did but later on deny to have said anything like that, in the future by deleting it. But the seven minutes property saves this hack as well.

So, guys, you have to no more worry as you can recall sent WhatsApp message.

So that was a simple guide on how to recall sent WhatsApp messages which is also referred to as undo Sent WhatsApp messages or unread WhatsApp messages.

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