2 Ways to Unlock Facebook Account – ByPass Facebook Photo Verification

Facebook photo verification is very much essential nowadays. But, why so and what is the importance of that. If you really want to have no problems in your account and desire to use in a safe way, then it will be perfect option for you. It also focuses that whether some users are spammer or if there is someone fake. That is the reason why verification is required by Facebook. Now, if you really desire to gather information, then you should know about the methods.Unlock Facebook Account

Unlock Facebook Account

The following methods are really helpful when you have locked your Facebook account. That primarily happens when you are adding too many friends too soon.

Here are the methods of verification as follows –

  1. You can install the app TunnelBear in your Android or iPhone and then create a new account.
  2. The select a location to Japan.
  3. Now you can easily log in to your Facebook account by entering captcha code.
  4. You will get a confirmation through code of your area.
  5. Code number and by entering phone number you will get a code to confirm.
  6. Just after entering the code, you can easily get your account.

Manually Method

  1. After entering in your account you need to identify your photo in a group, this must be you in any group with your friends.
  2. This second step is somehow hazardous, but you have to do this.
    In this 7 pictures are required in a screen shot.
  3. You just go through the step several times to clarify your identification through photo. If the number of friends is 50 or more than that you just need to repeat the steps at least 20 times.
  4. When a pic will come in different photos and then there will be different 5 names. From which only one will get selected for the particular picture.
  5. Finally, you will get only one name, which is completely correct. Thus, to verify in a perfect way. You just need to complete the steps within a few days. You can do this or try this thrice in a day.

Henceforth, the photo verification and ByPass way is the best and the perfect one for your account safety. It will make the user safe and can easily use his or her account without any hesitation. What you need is provided by the Facebook. You just required being conscious about that, then you will always achieve the best result from Facebook.

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