How to Unlock Huawei Honor 7 Bootloaders

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The bootloader in any Android phone is locked by default and you have to unlock it if you want to root your phone. Once you unlock the bootloader, it is very simple and easy for you to upgrade the Android version of your phone or device. But you have to remember that once you unlock the bootloader of your device, then that means there is no warranty on your phone. When you unlock the bootloader, it means that you got the power to root your phone and you can upgrade it further.

Huawei has the unlocking agreement for all its devices such as the smart phones as well as tablets. So if you accept that agreement, you can unlock the bootloader of your phone without any issues. For unlocking the bootloader, you will have to get an unlocking password from Huawei. And to get that unlocking password, you will need the product ID for your phone. You can get that product ID from the Huawei product ID generator. When you download this Huawei product ID generator on your PC, you will have to give them the model number of your device as well as IMEI code of your device. Once you give this information, product ID for your device will be generated.

Once you have the product ID, then you will have to login on the Huawei website with your Facebook login. You will need to fill a form on the Huawei website. It’s mandatory to fill all the fields on that form. You will have to give information about the product type, product model, serial number of the product, product IMEI code and the product ID. You will find the serial number of your device under the battery. At the end of this page, you will find ’Submit’ button. You will have to click on that button and your unlocking password will be shown on the page.

The next step is to get the Minimal ADB and the fastboot downloaded and installed on your PC. Once you launch this application on your PC, a Window will pop open on your PC. Then you have to connect your phone to your PC with the USB cable. Once your phone is connected to your computer, you just have to type ”adb reboot bootloader” in CMD. Next action will be to give command to confirm the connection between your device and your computer.That command is “fastboot devices”. After this, type “fastboot oem unlock (16 digit unlocking password which you got on the Huawei website)” in the command prompt window and press enter.

Once you enter this command, you will find that there is a process gong on your phone and your phone will automatically restart after 3 to 8 minutes. This means that you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your phone that is Huawei Honor 7 and you are ready to root it or flash custom roms on it as per your choice. This really a simple process though a bit lengthy in nature which will unlock the bootloader on your Huawei Honor 7 for you.

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