In this guide check out how you can unlock Nokia Asha 309 phone following with simple steps.

If you own a Nokia Asha 309 that allows you to use only a single provider SIM card but are looking for more flexibility you can unlock your handset. Unlocking gets rid of the SIM restrictions on your Nokia Asha 309 and enables use of other service-provider SIM (GSM) cards. A code needs to be entered by you on the phone to do so.Unlock Nokia Asha 309

Unlocking Nokia Asha 309

There’s not too much technicality involved in unlocking a phone, just follow the given steps carefully to unlock the phone.

  • Get hold of the unlock code for your phone from any mobile service-operator. Do this by sending IMEI of your phone. If you don’t know the IMEI, dial *#06# to obtain the 16-digit unique number.
  • Remember that you’ll have to pay for the unlock code. If you’re doing it online, check the price offered by the mobile service-operator and click on further steps for payment.
  • Once payment is made by you, you receive an email on a given email id carrying details of unlock code which could be 8-16 digits long, depending on the handset model.
  • Now you can remove your current SIM and insert any other. As you do so, your phone will display a box reading, ‘Enter Unlock code’.
  • Type the unlock code. Your Nokia Asha 309 will get unlocked.

Ensure The Following

  1. Type In the Right IMEI- When unlocking a Nokia Asha 309 phone, make sure you send the operator your correct IMEI.
  2. Choose The Correct Operator, country  – The country and operator chosen by you should match the original ones provided for on your phone specification and not just any operator you want to use after the phone is unlocked.
  3. Avoid Hard-locking Your phone – Handset users trying to unlock their phone for first time type in incorrect code more than a few times due to which their phone can get hard-locked and they will get the messages – ‘Phone restriction’, ‘Not allowed’ or ‘Hard-locked’. If this happens you have to connect your phone to a PC using USB cable and run software provided by operators to remove the restriction.

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Contact the operator if your phone doesn’t ask for the code at all. Issues like problems in receiving SMS, inserted memory-card not being detected etc can be resolved by switching off the phone once and removing the battery before placing it back again to restart the phone. Finally we are no way responsible for anything happens to your phone and that’s why we have listed any provider who can unlock your phone, its solely left to the phone owners to get it unlocked or not and risk involved in it.