Unveiling the Potential: Hulu Ads Strategies

Hulu Ads Strategies

Hulu is the sixth-most popular video streaming service with 48.5 million subscribers. Though it will take some time for Hulu to approach Netflix’s benchmark of 260 million subscribers, the streaming service is steadily gaining market share. If your business is not yet advertising on Hulu, now is the time to do so. This is your inside look at Hulu advertising.

Embrace the Opportunity to Advertise on Hulu

Hulu provides businesses like yours with the opportunity to advertise in the form of brief commercial spots. This on-demand video streaming service has a plethora of TV shows and movies that present a golden opportunity for presenting your value offering in front of the masses. Hulu also has live TV options with ad-supported content.

Hulu commercials are the perfect bridge between your company and those with disposable income. Choose Hulu for advertising, and you’ll be able to place commercials directly into streaming programs in the form of mid-roll or pre-roll ads.

Pre-roll Hulu ads are exactly as they sound: they are presented to the viewing audience prior to the beginning of the content. Most pre-roll ads are half a minute to a minute in length.

Mid-roll ads play in the middle of a video, typically between two segments of content. Mid-roll commercials on Hulu are typically longer than pre-roll ads. The average mid-roll ad lasts between half a minute and a minute and a half.

Take a deep dive into pre-roll and mid-roll ads, analyzing the pros and cons of each, and you’ll find pre-roll has the edge. Why? Industry experts insist pre-roll ads have more engagement than mid-roll ads.

Hulu’s Ad Selector

Hulu is taking market share from cable TV networks for a variety of reasons. The beauty of Hulu is its irreverence for advertising conventions. Hulu choice-based ads present content viewers consider to be important, ultimately increasing the viewership of ads.

As an example, those who enjoy cinema are presented with more movie ads than food ads. Those looking for a new automobile are presented with more car ads than video game ads.

The Hulu Ad Selector is unique in that it empowers users to view ad experiences through the selection of an ad they desire to see. Platform viewers are provided with the option of viewing two to three ads. However, there is a chance that viewers will not choose an ad to watch within the allotted 15 seconds. In such an instance, a single video within the unit will be randomly presented to the viewer.

Hulu’s website provides some insightful statistics into the efficacy of its Ad Selector technology. According to Hulu, the Ad Selector is 150% more impactful than conventional TV advertisements in the quest to develop viewer memory recall of the advertised product or service. Moreover, the Hulu statistics reveal the Ad Selector is 24% more effective at spurring a viewer’s intent to purchase than conventional TV ads on network and cable stations.

Continue to research Hulu advertising stats and you’ll find the company’s BES technology is highly effective. The acronym BES is short for Branded Entertainment Selector. BES empowers viewers to pick between viewing a lengthy commercial at the start of the program or regular interruptions throughout the entirety of the program. Such a high-tech approach to airing commercials is two times more effective at generating awareness with viewers.

Choose Your Preferred Ad Length

Hulu handles the technical challenges of airing ads. The platform embraces coding, hosting, and streaming of commercials on your behalf. Such support liberates you to zero in on developing highly effective ads that resonate with the viewing audience.

Choose between 15 and 30-second Hulu ads, and it won’t take long to notice a result in your bottom line. There is also the option of 7-second Hulu ads. Though 7-second ads are brief, they cater to the public’s increasingly short attention span. You can maximize the aggregate impact of your Hulu ads all the more with a combination of 7, 15, and 30-second ads on the platform.

Hulu’s Interactive Ads

Complement your combination of 7, 15, and 30-second ads with Hulu interactive ads, and you’ll make an even stronger impression. Hulu’s interactive ads are powerful to the point that they can steer viewers directly to product pages.

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Such immediate interaction impacts sales figures, especially when compared to floating out a traditional ad and waiting for an ensuing response across days, weeks, and months. Interactive ads generate an even greater response in mere minutes.

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