US carriers AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile Android 4.3 update schedule to Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy Note 2.

No information is private as it soon gets leaked on the web. Folks out there in United States are waiting patiently for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update to popular Samsung Android phones like Galaxy S4, S3, S4 Active, Galaxy Note 2. This is because, it’s not just a regular update but an update which guarantees them compatibility with Galaxy Gear the wearable display. Samsung Galaxy Gear right now is only compatible with Galaxy Note 3 and at time of launch Samsung CEO JK Shin guaranteed of compatibility with an update to Android 4.3 on Galaxy S4, S4, S4 Active and Galaxy Note 2.

According to the image leaked online, Note 2 is slated for updated on 29 Nov via Verizon and following to other carriers in USA within 10 days. Galaxy S4 4.3 update will arrive soon on October 28 on Verizon, following to AT&T on 13 November, Sprint on 30 November and T-Mobile SGS 4 LTE on 18 Nov. Instead of letting you know in text, its better to show you actual leaked photos. Here it goes –

US carrier Android 4.3Well, as of that leaks is enough for our readers in United States to get estimated dates of Android 4.3 of their contract phones.