Veediyo mein Aap hee hain Facebook Messenger Spam Message

Veediyo mein Aap hee hain

Check out what is Veediyo mein Aap hee hain Facebook Messenger Spam Message.

Currently, there are a lot of Facebook Messenger spam messages that are been automatically sent to people and one among the recent ones we found on atleast two users who send us is Veediyo mein Aap hee hain This looks like something seen in the screenshot here.

So what is this?

Is it really me in the photo?

Should I click the link?

What happens if I click the link?

We will learn this all in this article.

Veediyo mein Aap hee hain

There are many ways of phishing and hacking your account. Previously we have seen WhatsApp Spam of OMG Have you seen this xxxv and 80,000 workers benefits by EPFO Mulhervaidosa spam and now the recent one is through Facebook messenger where your friends are sending you Veediyo mein Aap hee hain with a link to website.

People will definitely click on the link but you shouldn’t click it, but you shouldn’t.

Actually, these message is sent when your Facebook account gets hacked. So if someone says you what you have sent, then change your Facebook password.

A better way to protect your Facebook account is to enable 2FA i.e., 2 Factor Authentication so that your account will be hard to unlock.

So as a user remember not to click on such links. And if you have received one such message from your friends, then please intimate that their account is sending an automated message to all friends and tell them to change their Facebook password and enable 2 Factor Authentication. Take the help of this guide.

Please! Please! Please – Guys report this kind of trick that gives nothing to users.

According to Google data | Data Engineering

So that’s how you can fix Veediyo mein Aap hee hain FB messenger error.

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