Verizon HTC One M8 is now seeding the much needed Android Lollipop 5.0 Update. Check the improvement and features.

It’s the time for Verizon HTC One M8 smartphone owners to grab a piece of attention as Lollipop update is now out to devices now.Verizon HTC One M8


  • Lollipop Notification Panel behavior has been adopted
  • Toggle Button from KitKat has been replaced by Settings
  • Lollipop Notification style has been adopted
  • “Sound” has been changed to “Sound & notification” in Settings
  • Notification light settings have been moved to “Sound & notification”
  • Calendar Picker View offers dropdown capabilities
  • Search function has been added to settings
  • Date & Time settings have been reordered
  • Syncing with new Google Settings and adding in Accessibility
  • “Sidetone” will be added as a Call Setting, which provides audible feedback to the caller
  • World Clock Globe has been removed for memory considerations
  • Lollipop supports two styles of Recent Apps – Card View and Grid View
  • Recent App style can be changed in Settings > Layouts
  • The option to share with near field communications (NFC) starting with the Share menu has been added
  • Promotes NFC sharing in the User Interface

Via : Verizon Wireless