Verizon LG Lucid 3 VS876 with 4G LTE Rumored for early next month debut. Check LG Lucid 3 release date, price & other info.

Lucid 2 succeeded LG Lucid smartphone and now Verizon is getting ready for LG Lucid 3 smartphone to be unveiled shorty.  Unlike the last year launched Lucid 2 which came up with square design, the Verizon VS876 comes with round design at the edges and it’s similar to LG’s new F-series models like F70 and F90 phones.Verizon LG Lucid 3

According to the press photo release of LG Lucid 3 it sports 4G LTE logo on its back and Verizon logos are printed on front and back. So that confirms that it’s purely a Verizon made handset. Specifications, exact release date hasn’t been made cleared as this happens to be more of rumors of the Verizon upcoming phone and we just thought to let you know about it.

Tracking of earlier LG Lucid phone, Lucid was introduced in March 2012 and one year later, the big Red introduced Lucid 2 following the conclusion of Mobile World Congress 2013.