The September 2014 announced Nokia Lumia 735 was supposed to arrive on Verizon very early but the launch somehow got delayed. Verizon Lumia 735 exclusive was spotted passing through FCC in November last year and now we see some step-2 been taken by the company to release the handset on Bid Red USA carrier.Verizon Lumia 735

Verizon Lumia 735

Windows Central came out with an screenshot of internal Verizon System for employees which clearly mentions June 11 as the launch date of Lumia 735. FCC photos of Lumia 735 further confirms that the handset will be launched with Microsoft branding instead of Nokia’s along with Verizon logo below. Furthermore, we are not sure whether there are any hardware changes internally because 2014-specs phone might look quite old in comparison with other phones on Verizon.

The international Lumia 735 is equipped with 4.7 inch OLED display with HD resolution and powered with Snapdragon 400 quad core processor coupled with 1 Gigs of RAM. The phone is equipped with 6.7 mega pixel rear camera and 5 mega pixel front facing camera, runs on Windows Phone 8.1 OS out of box.

In relating news, Verizon launched the most budget LG Lancet and Lumia 735 will definitely retail slightly higher than the LG’s Windows Phone on Big Red.

Via: Windows Central