After Android Lollipop soak test, the latest generation of Verizon Moto X is now seeing the Android 5.0 update. From the day Android 5.0 Lollipop was announced, all the Motorola Moto devices were confirmed to get the update much early than other flaghip phones. Even the $120 priced Moto E is slated for Lollipop update.New Moto X 2014

The Moto X soak test signals the update arrival is round the corner and yes it indeed arrived for Moto X 2014 edition. Motorola has officially put a Moto X Lollipop update page where it shows that the Moto X 2nd generation is now seeding the latest Android update.Moto X Lollipop Screenshot

If you have received the update notifications then hit the “Yes, I’m in” option to install updates or else force check for manual update by going through Settings > About Phone > System Updates and “Yes, I’m in”. Ensure that your phone has 50% battery life left and you should be connected to WiFi. It will bring you 22.21.11 version.

Via: Motorola