iPhone 5S Virgin Mobile Now sold at $495 and iPhone 5C is sold at $405. Check Virgin Mobile iPhone prices.

Apple during the US holidays generated best sales of iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S phones. Now when the holiday season is gone, Virgin Mobile to get more customers on their network have reduced the prices of not only iPhone 5S 16 Gb but also on iPhone 5C, iPhone .Virgin Mobile USA has cut down 10% off their previous iPhone prices. To make it more interesting, it yields them the lowest discount priced of both iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S phone.iPhone 5S Virgin Mobile

So with new iPhone Virgin Mobile pricing you can pick –

  • iPhone 5S 16 GB at $494.99
  • iPhone 5C 16 GB at $404.99
  • iPhone 5 8 GB at $159.99

Apple officially is charging $650 for iPhone 5S unlocked handset and $550 for iPhone 5C (both 16 Gb model) and with this effective prices you save $150 on each product. Well this is a limited time period web exclusive offer.

Not only this, with contract on Sprint 4G LTE network, they are offering competitive 4G LTE plans costing $30 per month providing unlimited text, data and limited 300 minutes calls with no contract agreement required and also this purchase should be made in through Credit Card, no use of account balance for purchase.

That’s truly a great saving for Apple fans.