Walmart $10 TracFone-branded LG Smartphone

Walmart TracFone

For Walmart customers the holiday season has arrived very early. The departmental store which is now available for access online is giving customers early Christmas gifts. They are now selling TracFone-branded LG made smartphone at a price of $9.82. Even more offering as if your total online order exceeds $50, you are bound to receive this entry-level smartphone for free.

At a price of $10, you might not get a smartphone, even data plans are costing more than $10 a month, so doesn’t matter whatever the specs or features it has, people will be happy to take it. We learnt that this smartphone is with 3.8 inch display, has 3G connectivity and 3 mega pixel rear camera. That’s definitely good to connect with friends, watch livestreams and videos or even use it as just the alarm.

It might be that the TracFone is trying to clear off the stock of that smartphone left in their ware-house.

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