Revolutionary Google Glasses is the trending topic and as this development has taken shape into reality, several vendors will soon come out with devices just like Google Glasses offering different purpose and applications. When you can't get out of bed due to any health problem, it might be leg fractured, you might be feeling so bored & prefer to watch movies but your doctor might have instructed to always lay down on your back. So what can you do in such time when music doesn't just make your entertain? Watch movies on TV?Sanco GORODEY2

Sanco Japan has come up with Gorodey2 eye-wear which allows you to watch TV while you lay on your back. So it’s no more about sitting straight and watching TV or checking up the viewing angle. Sanco is a specialized store with collection of rarest inventions around the world. With GoroDey2 eye-wear glasses on your eyes, you remain flat on your back and still can be entertained. It consists of prism which can reflect pictures by 90 degrees thus allowing you to watch movies, read a book, magazine. This Gorodey2 can be worn over regular glasses as well. GoroDey2 is comfortable as our normal glasses and on the lighter side as well.Sanco GORODEY2The dimensions of Gorodey2 are 161 × 207 × 42mm (width × depth × height) and weighs on lighter side with 85.2 grams. This innovation is priced at 1980 Yen which when converted to US Currency it comes to $21. With price in check, surely it will be a big hit.