5 Ways to Turn Your Media Player into a Business Tool

Keeping business productive is challenging, to say the least. Big or small, it’s imperative to have an in-depth knowledge of the tools that can be used, in both internal and external environments, to strive and succeed.

In the current tech-savvy era by focusing on the newest tools and advancements you can quickly engage your staff and clients, drive more sales, and accelerate business growth. Now, let’s focus on the business tool of the day: the media player.

Ultimately, for your media player to become an invaluable asset you need to add a few screens and great digital signage software to the mix. Scroll down to learn how to turn your media player into an effective business tool:

Turn it into an administrative tool to improve workplace experiences and flawlessly manage day-to-day operations

Digital signage software is the best way to showcase schedules, display meeting reminders, highlight important events, better your welcome messages, manage data and circulate important announcements throughout the company.

Large organizations use DS for in-house navigation, meeting and conference room bookings, offer live customer support, etc. For those, operating a network of offices around the globe, digital signage software is a lifesaver as any message can be instantly delivered across multiple locations with the assurance of it being seen. On-point administrative tasks will surely contribute to your overall success.

Turn it into an effective Engagement Tool

As far as the top three indications of business success go – the employee engagement is among the top there. Engagement through proper communication drastically decreases employee turnover. Engaged staff provides the company with more than 20% in productivity boost: well-informed, kept in-the-loop people show much more energy, exhibit job satisfaction and work ethics, and are less stressful.

Proper communication leads to much better results with customer ratings. Engagement is also linked to business success, showing over 22% boost in profitability in well-engaged environments. Studies point to less sick days, fewer safety incidents by 48% and there is even a 41% fewer quality defects.      

Turn it into a Tool for Targeting the Audience

In the age of visual marketing high-quality media player is sometimes all you need to project the perfect image of your brand, reach your customers and keep them engaged.

The exciting and innovative visual approach has long proven to be highly effective, to be precise: digital screens attract 400% more views than the static ones. This is a tool that will modernize your business with interactivity and highly improve customer experience.

You can utilize user-generated content to retain more business and drive up sales; you can literally grab your audience’s attention with DOOH and boost brand awareness. All of the above mentioned is achieved with just a media player, DS software and screens.

Though ultimately, for much better results, this is where we tell you to pay extra attention to the strategic placement of the screens, to new amazing creative solutions like screen walls, custom-made displays, screen windows and, of course, you should carefully choose digital signage software. Look for the intuitive and smooth software; look for a company with exceptional user support. Currently working with Kitcast, their digital signage is one of the most effective digital software on the market, the company provides a solution that works effortlessly and their template designs are beautiful and engaging. They make creating visual content much easier, which is essential for growing your business, especially for those with insufficient design budgets. Not to mention, they are one of the few who provides DS software solutions for Apple TV. 

Turn it into an effective Customer Care Tool

Nothing drives the sales like customer satisfaction factor. Displays are used to reduce waiting time, to navigate customers to and throughout the store, to display and instantly change important information, like with air traffic, bus or train station schedules, specials in restaurant menus, catalogs in stores, mainly, everything that needs to be quickly edited throughout the day.

You can invest in digital mirrors to drastically boost the customer’s convenience or install information displays throughout stores, malls, food courts, parks, public transport and so on to connect with your audience 24/7. It’s a great way to keep people constantly informed by changing any information in a matter of seconds and with no additional costs.

Turn it into an effective Sales Tool

Digital signage is a proven way to boost sales. If you don’t know this term, then you can learn more about it here. Businesses significantly increase foot traffic just by adding a simple window display: eight out of ten customers have visited the store because of the storefront screen.

Digital signage is very effective with impulse buyers, they show great results with the POP sales and, after adopting digital signage, most of the brands report a boost in sales.  

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