Revamp Your Website’s SEO with Niche Edits and Guest Posts- The Ultimate Guide

Guest Posts vs Niche Edits

In this day and age, business development is closer than ever, as a global network gives access to a target audience despite the distance- and time-related matters. The basic online business ‘kit’ includes a ground-breaking idea, strategy of development, ads for promotion, an ergonomic and good-looking website, and active social media pages. However, when these aspects are down to perfection, something still must be missing, as the audience is still not aware of the business‘s existence. The main reason is the high level of competition and lack of SEO strategies for making the website visible among others.

SEO (search ranking optimization) is the set of techniques to use to improve the ranking of the website in the search, attract more visitors, and thus, finally, make this enterprise profitable and growing. Among various SEO options available, the best is considered to be link-building, which includes writing guest posts and niche edit service. These two methods have proven their efficiency with time, as they stay behind the majority of top-ranking websites. Although they share the same goal, the procedure is quite different, which is important to consider when planning the promoting strategy.

Guest Posts

The meaning is quite obvious. You have an article or a post written, with a link to your website, then it is placed on the hosting website. When the visitors of the platform read an article, they follow the link which leads to your products. The more people see the article, the better reach you will have, which will serve two purposes – a higher ranking for your website and more potential clients. Obviously, all the benefits are possible under one condition, a hosting website has a high authority as well.

While it seems pretty easy to perform, it involves a good deal of diligence and planning. First of all, the quality of the content must be beyond reproach. Just writing a run-of-the-mill article with lots of links to your website will be taken as spam by Google, and will lower the authority of your website. The fees are also a matter of dispute.

Originally, all the posts should be taken for free, as ‘guests’ fill up the website with high-quality content. However, more and more hosts are aware that their websites may become a good source of income for others, and do it for a certain price, which violates Google algorithms.

How to Create Guest Posts?

  1. Research the topics and the audience.

Before getting down to writing standard articles, do the research, and read relevant forums and comments of people. Typically, they are a treasure trove of ideas, as people share their real thoughts, worries, and needs.

  1. Come up with post/article ideas.
  2. Look for relevant blogging sites.
  3. Contact the hosters.
  4. Write an article.

The size, style, tone, and tone of your writing should comply with the requirements of the website you are writing for.

  1. Get the article posted.

Niche edits Backlinks

Niche edits, or contextual links, are a relatively new direction of SEO, yet it has already demonstrated its efficiency.

Niche edits backlinks are inserted into already existing texts, the ones that have already been indexed and ranked by the search engine. Instead of creating all the content from scratch, the aged content is being used for link insertion.

The term ‘niche’ is used to denominate the website for link insertion, as it must always be related to your sphere of influence, the right niche. Niche editing increases the websites’ visibility and ranking, attracting more visitors and potential clients. The biggest advantage of niche link building is time. With this method, you skip all the writing parts and insert the links right into already-existing content and do some editing to reach the coherence of the text.

How to get Niche Links?

  1. Choose the targeted URL of the campaign page.
  2. Carry out research on suitable websites:
  • The topic of the website should relate to yours, as it’s about ‘niche’ cooperation.
  • The domain authority should score at least 50 points.
  • Chosen websites have real and high traffic.
  1. Contact the potential partner and explain that you are willing to buy niche edits.
  2. Agree on the details of cooperation.

While it looks quite easy to perform, both procedures may require a more professional approach from SEO agencies, as they have mastered the algorithm of actions to perfection, thus, it’s time-efficient.

Guest posts vs Niche Edits

Guest posts and niche edits are both important strategies for improving the level of authority and recognition of the website and should be used hand-by-hand.

Niche edit backlinks are more effective regarding time-result expectations. Provided that the chosen websites are of high authority, your backlinks will be used more frequently, accelerating the link juice, and thus, higher traffic. Besides, it gives a chance to avoid all the writing hassle, replacing it with the editing of the existing materials. Therefore, the cost of such a promotion is lower and the return on investment is much faster.

Guest posts are a good choice for building the image and style of the company from a long-term perspective. They can give an insight into the company’s philosophy and performance.

When in doubt, consider the following:

  1. When writing a guest post, the title can already contain the keyword; with niche edits, you can’t influence the title.
  2. The guest post article is fresh and personalized, yet it takes more time for reaching the audience and unleashing the full potential of such cooperation.
  3. Niche posts are a proven method for a significant rise in organic traffic, as their ‘textual basis’ is already accepted and approved by Google.
  4. Hosting websites are more willing to accept the niche edits backlinks, as it they can easily be inserted into the existing context, and they will be no harm to their style and image.
  5. Niche posts are quick for results, yet guest posts are more effective for a long-term and sustainable online presence.

The Takeaway

Gusts posting and niche edits are two fundamental approaches to improving website business performance. Without implementing such techniques, the website, and thus the business will struggle with the lack of organic traffic and audience, which make the key to the business profitability.

Guest posts are a long-term measure, which contributes to the image of the company and steady, yet quite low, traffic. Niche edits are perfect for propelling the website’s performance, making it more reachable by the audience, and thus, improving its scale of authority.

Do’s and dont’s of SEO

It is highly recommended to use them both, in order to reach the best result – acceleration of website performance, and thus business and its profitability.

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