What are the unique Features of GoDonut?

Annoyed about how to keep the tablet during important video conferencing, Want to keep it in such a way that it doesn’t fall off? Then try Godonut. The Godonut is a portable and universal stand designed to hold tablets and smartphones. This device is very hyped in the market for Its simplicity and convenience.

Last month I bought one especially to set my tablet on when I’m cooking. Due to it does not have to be held in hand and can be easily placed anywhere. This is not at all slippery, so there is no fear of breaking after mobile. In this article, we share what are the unique features of GoDonut and why you should buy one for yourself? So keep reading on to learn more.

What is GoDonut used for?

The Godonut phone accessory is used for video conferencing without the hassle of holding hands, taking pictures, making videos, watching videos, and more. You can also easily see the recipe with Godonut while cooking. Its simplicity will give you a hand-free experience.

What are the unique features of GoDonut?

Godonut has lots of unique features but first, find out what Godonut is. Then you will understand how this thing will make your job easier.

What is GoDonut?

The GoDonut phone accessory is a portable and revolutionary phone and tablet stand that gives you a hand-free experience for a long time. This stand makes the 45° and 70° angles, which let you use your phone as you. Its stability help to hold any device and the grooves will hold your device in 6 different ways. You can read ebooks, do your painting, video chatting, and many more with great comfort.

Main features of GoDonut :

Though it is a simple device, it has so many unique features, and those features make it worth buying.

Durability: Before purchasing any gadget, durability can be the first considerable thing. Therefore you will be astonished by GoDonut durability. This gadget is made with a rubber material which boosts Its durability and enhances its longevity. Even if you throw it to the floor, it will not break. It is a non-slip, waterproof, and heat-resistant device that is safe to use.

Utility: utility makes any device popular among users. The utility is one of the most impressive features of this smartphone stand. This device is environmentally friendly. You can utilize this Both outside and inside of the house. You can make it fit anywhere you want. This device will give you a hand-free experience while you are video chatting with your friends.

It will minimize the risk of falling and breaking your device because it grips your device strongly.

Design and construction: This gadget is made in the US with a material that enhances its durability. It comes in various colours in a simple round design. It is made with BPA rubber material which contains zero toxins. That means everyone can use it, including children.

The dimension of this stand is 5.8 * 4.2* 1.3 inches. GoDonut is small and handy, which means it can comfortably fit in Your pocket. It comes in different colours, including cherry red, lime green, pink, purple, hunter green, and black.

You can clean it very easily, and you do not need any kind of special thing to clean it. Just toss it in the sink with your dirty dish and rinse it.

Different angles support: it has several sockets to allow the user to position their tablet or smartphone. You will find 3kind of angles which are 45° / 70° / 90°. The landscape mode is perfect for playing videos, watching movies, drawing, read ebooks, etc. The portrait mode is best for web browsing, content viewing, content reading, web viewing, texting, reading work, and handwriting.

Multi-device support: Its circular surface helps to suit your tablet or smartphone thickness. Both the big screen and thick screen can fit easily. Reading books or painting on a table will be easier because you Don’t need to hold your device in hand. It’s suitable with Samsung Galaxy, Kindle fire, i phone, LG, iPad, and more.

Portable: this gadget is 4 inches wide and one inch thick. That proves how easily you can carry it. You can also add it to your travel bag.

Universally friendly: Dock your smartphone, iPad,iPhone,iPad, Kindle, and tablet.

Premium material: Moreover, it is designed to be toxic-free, so it is safe for everyone.

Variety of colours: it comes in 9 different colors to fit your style.

Enable hand-free operation: this device is constructed of durable material that makes you enjoy hand-free tablet and mobile operation. This is a good option for you to use.

How much does a GoDonut cost?

It has three different price points.1 GoDonut: $24.99 + S&H

3 GoDonuts: $16.66 each + S&H

5 GoDonuts: $14.99 each + S&H.

It seems it carries a lot of value. But it fits in a price range which makes it affordable.

Where to get GoDonut?

After reading all the above features, you will surely want to know where you can get them. This product sold over 500,000 units, and it has become the highest-selling stand in the market. You can get them from online retailers, or you can directly order them from the manufacturer. Even now, it’s available on Amazon and Walmart.

Final word

This stand is safe for your device, and its manufacture has ensured that it is non-slippery, so your device will be safe. With it, you are assured that your tablet or smartphone will stand in one place, and you can use kt comfortably. People love to use it because of Its portable and lightweight features.

Godonut will add extra value to our life. If someone wants a hand-free using experience it is recommended to buy it. So do not hesitate to buy it. I can assure you; you will be comfortable using it.