It’s good to hear that you have a blog or website but it’s sad story when it’s down with issues from the server-side. Many of us fall trap for the cheap web hosting solution just by seeing the huge discount using the coupon code but let me tell you that world works with a logic i.e.,”For the right thing you need to pay the right price”. I usually go with Hostgator coupon code to get the best discount on hosting for every new package. So if you are running a website which generates $ 1000 you need to equivalent amount for web hosting services, not that you can generate that income with web host charging you $ 15 per year.www

This discussion relating to the title discussed above is regarding one of my site which went down from the web hosting provider. One of my blog was down for one week of time, infact it was more than 7 days. So what happens if your site is down for 10 or more days? This is the key discussions that we will discuss here.

If your site is down for a week or 10 days or more period of time, then there is nothing positive that you get infact you lose more. Here we have listed down things which you lose while your site is offline -

Site Ranking Drops

Alexa Rank is one of the important factors to judge the ranking of a site. If you have good amount of visitors and statistically if it’s increasing it’s concluded that your site will rank good in Alexa. But if your site is suddenly down to zero visitors, the affect is correlated on Alexa ranking. So whatever maybe the issue with your site, you should resolve it as soon as possible. Apart from Alexa, you should keep an eye on Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Keyword Ranking Slides Down

If you have a good website ranking in top 10 positions in Google SERPs, suddenly if your site goes offline, Google algorithm will give a bad remark on your site, naturally affecting the top keywords ranking that your site had. This is a major issue and you should look to bring back your site up ASAP.

No Income for Down Period

You might be using CPC or CPM programs or affiliate to make money on your site, Isn’t it? If your site is down due to hosting problems or any other problems, for subsequent period of time you will not have any income generated from your site. No show no money, as simple as that.

Regular Readers

If you see your site down, then regularly readers of your blog that you have generated since your site setup, will be questioning your ability. So it's quite important to quickly get your site up and provide them the information what they were getting from your site regularly without fail.

With these reasons, its always better to ensure that your site is up, up and up always.