What is Binomo and how to use it to earn extra income? India trading platform review


What is binomo.com website? Is it a safe trading platform or not? How can users from India trade on Binomo to get additional income? Login, tutorial, and education on the demo account, mobile app, and other information about Binomo in the review.

H1: Should a trader choose Binomo – India platform review

Did you recently come across a web-based trading platform called Binomo? So, what is Binomo, and how to use the trading platform? Is it safe and legal in India? The answers to these questions await you on this topic.

H2: What is Binomo in India?

Binomo is entirely client-oriented, and it has been introducing new possibilities concerning trading technologies in the online market. The founders pondered everything associated with this online trading platform without ignoring the smallest details. Since the beginning, they have been providing their clients with unmatched services. Their website and smartphone app feature professional-level tutorials, client support, and analytical services.

The platform made its appearance back in 2014. Initially, not many traders were using it, as expected. The developers interacted with its users and pinpointed every flaw and drawback. They fixed them, and soon, the trading platform started earning fame. Within just a few years, it turned into one of the leaders in the field of web-based trading.

However, if you look for Binomo reviews on the internet, you may have second thoughts. Whether it’s about Binomo app review or feedback regarding the official website, you may run into fraud or scam complaints. However, you shouldn’t conclude anything before you conduct thorough research on the subject.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can use Binomo in Hindi. This will help you to conveniently use this platform for tradе.

H3: Reviews

As already mentioned earlier, Binomo India is a web-based platform for assets trading, and it’s perfectly legal in India. No matter what anyone says, the following Binomo reviews from YouTube will prove otherwise.

  1. Gabriel: “Trading the assets with Binomo is a pleasure. The company is interested in the success of its clients, there is no self-interest, it is recommended.”
  2. Badal Chaudhari: “Best way to get additional income online.”
  3. Antonio: “For me, Binomo is quite acceptable, of course they all have downsides. And in terms of withdrawing funds, I had no difficulties.”
  4. Karenaitu: “Binomo is definitely not a scam. I’ve been trading for six months!”
  5. Apostle Akrip: “I am a newbie and have only recently started earning additional income on Binomo. I am very pleased with this opportunity”.

H2: Registration and login

Once you’re ready to use this platform, you need to start with the Binomo sign-in process. For that purpose, just stick to the following steps.

  1. You have to sign up with your FB or Google account. You can also use your email ID and create a password specifically for this platform.
  2. Select the currency that you wish to trade with, and accept the terms of the customer agreement.
  3. Finish the process by clicking on the “Create an account” button.

The Binomo login process is equally straightforward. Instead of selecting the sign up button, click on the login button instead. As soon as you enter your credentials and password, you’re good to go.

H2: Education

Using an online trading platform like this one isn’t going to be a piece of cake. Because trading requires knowledge! Many Binomo tutorial topics and videos are available on the internet. However, it’s safer to stick to the Binomo website or app. The information that you’ll find there is enough to understand what Binomo trading is and how it works.

Every device on which you use this platform will allow you to access the Binomo demo account too. It will help you find out about the trading platform and how you can use it for additional income in practice.

H2: How to use Binomo?

Here are a few things that you must know about using this platform.

H3: Account types

There are four types of accounts available on this platform. These include Free, Standard, Gold, and VIP. If you want in-depth information on these accounts, you will find everything on the website and the app version or by this link: https://binomo.com/information/pricing.

H3: Deposit

For depositing funds to start the trade, you can use your bank cards or electronic wallet. The minimum amount to open a deposit is $ 5 for traders from India.

H3: Withdrawal

Withdrawal of funds is possible only to those details from which you replenished the deposit. As a rule, withdrawals from Binomo take place within 3 business days. But that depends on your account type and payment method. For example, withdrawal of funds for Gold account holders – within 24 hours, for VIP account holders – within 4 hours. But it still can take a bit more time than 3 days.

H2: What is Binomo app

If you use the Binomo app, then you can trade from anywhere and at any time. There’s no need to rely on desktops or laptops if you downloaded the Binomo app. As long as you have your smartphone or tablet, you can use the Binomo app for trading. You will find it in both Google Play and Apple App Store. You can also download the Binomo apk version from the website https://binomo.com/en/promo/android, but you have to install it manually and only on Android.

H2: Binomo is not fraud

As already mentioned earlier, the Binomo trading platform is not a scam. You only need to check out the feedback by traders that you found earlier on this topic. As it’s an online trading platform, it comes with specific risks. That’s why you need to learn about it before you start trading. Usually, the traders who don’t go through the tutorials make mistakes, and they blame the platform for their uninformed decisions.

You should know that it has been a category-A member of the Financial Commission since 2018. It also underwent an audit conducted by Verify My Trade or VMT and received a certificate that describes this organization as a high-quality partner for traders. The story doesn’t end here, though. The platform received the IAIR Award in 2016 and FE Award in 2015. If you’re still wondering whether Binomo is real or fake, then these credentials should help clear your doubts.

H2: Conclusion

Now that you know everything about the platform and the organization that controls it, you should try Binomo invest trade to find out why it’s so popular. Just remember that using any online trading platform comes with specific risks. You must educate yourself thoroughly. Once you do, you shouldn’t have any problems trading on Binomo.

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