What is Cloud Computing and its Benefits

Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is named on the cloud that doesn’t mean that data is stored on cloud, it is just named because the Internet has traditionally been illustrated by the cloud diagram, the structural system how cloud computing works is similar to that what cloud follows. The data is stored on the virtual space and caters all people on the globe.

Explanation: What is cloud computing?

What if I needs to process a lot of data and I need to store my progress and save my data at the same time, it is physically difficult to increase my data storage and processing for example consider I have a small firm I need 1000 GB data processing and storage for my 100 employees, I will go to cloud computing company and ask for their services. At the same time if I have physical means it requires physicals space, maintenance, and labor for its operation. Furthermore, in the meantime my business grows, and I have now 1000 employees, I can ask cloud computing services for an increase in storage like 2000 GB.

The scalability and availably is the attractive feature of cloud computing. REMEMBER! Cloud Computing doesn’t mean only storage it also means processing like applications and software running on cloud. Online gaming is the biggest example, now people are running high-end games with minimal PC requirements, how’s that possible…… Cloud Computing.

Examples in real life

Cloud computing requires only highspeed internet. Like Google Photos is an example, data is stored on Google photos and the amount can be very large. Google photos not only stores data, but it provides various categorization through AI. Through AI, it runs facial recognition and sort pictures according to facial features. The Bluestacks is also an example of virtualization in cloud computing as it runs Android feature on your PC without having that operating system install, multiple operating systems can be operated at the same time.

Benefits to use cloud computing

Major benefits of cloud computing services are

Low Cost

The cost of having a cloud computing service is very low and therefore you can save money on physical space and maintenance. The data centers and management services will no longer be needed if you use cloud computing services. Many companies have large data centers with large databases, it requires space, labor, time and money.


The availability of services is one of the major advantages of cloud computing service, so if I am traveling from the US to China, I don’t need any sort of USB or data holding device. I can simply put my data on cloud service and can open it on my any device. Therefore, another advantage is that my work can open on any device and wherever I want.

Data Security

Cyber attack is a possible threat to cloud computing technique, but it is far more secure and recoverable than data theft, attack and damage in data centers. Almost every cloud computing company offers 100% security and recovery of data. If natural disaster would occur, data centers will be destroyed but in cloud computing, your data will remain saved and you can retrieve it any time. It is so because multiple copies are saved at the same time in many locations.

Benefits outweighed the cost and risks and therefore cloud computing is more beneficial and currently, many companies are adopting this technology. You can learn cloud computing technology from online resources and major tools to learn cloud computing is available online. In the near future, it will be hard to know any company not using this technology.

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