What is Small Caps Effect on Word? (Shortcut)

Small Cap in MS Word

Microsoft Office is a great tool that helps people create educational & business documents, files & records, especially using Microsoft Excel and Word documents. In order to get a full grip on Word or any other Microsoft Office products then you will have to do a physical or online course and then practice it. Several useful features are required like – formula, text color, text alignment, hyperlink, and word count are an essential feature. I am not perfect in Word editing and that’s why I was stuck when I was looking for small caps effect. I had to take the help of Google in this regard and I am sharing with you here now. Here you will learn about the effect of the Small cap in Microsoft Word in today’s article. You will also learn the keyboard shortcut for it.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to do it, here’s what you need:

Small Caps Effect on Word

To apply small caps in Word, select the text you wish to apply it to. Start each word in capital letters. 

Then, use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+K

You can also access the Font dialog box by pressing Ctrl+D. Choose Small caps in the Effects category. Press OK.

If you would like to dive deeper into understanding what Small Caps are and why they are called that, you can continue reading. You can also know more about approximately equal symbol by visiting this blog.

What is Small Caps in Word?

With Small Caps, letters are displayed in uppercase even when a lower case has been applied. They appear in uppercase when applied to text. And, a given typeface’s uppercase is normally taller than the lowercase.

They appear in capitals when applied to text. Their height is usually the same as lowercase. They are a combination of small caps and lowercase.

Small Caps in Word Shortcut

Ctrl+Shift+K in Word is the shortcut for small caps

Microsoft Word offers users the option to work faster by using keyboard shortcuts. Fortunately, you can also apply the Small Caps effect by using a keyboard shortcut.

Using the keyboard shortcut, apply Small Caps in Word:

  • Apply the effect to the text you selected.
  • Each word should be capitalized at the beginning. To do so, use the Capitalize Each Word command.
  • Small caps can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+K.

Pressing this shortcut will change the selected text to small caps immediately.

How to Make Small Caps in Word

In Word, type small caps as follows:

  • The Small Caps effect will be applied to the selected text.
  • Select the text by right-clicking.
  • There is a shortcut menu. Select Font.
  • Click on the text with the right mouse button. Click Font from the shortcut menu.
  • You will see the Font dialog box.
  • Check the Small caps box under the Effects category.
  • Using the Font dialog, select Small Caps by pressing Ctrl+D
  • Please click OK.

Clicking the OK button in Word will convert the selected text to small caps.

Both uppercase and lowercase text effects are different when displayed in small caps. These are lowercase letters that are shorter than usual.

Final Words:

That’s all about small caps in Word. We hope that you got some valuable information from this article.

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