What Network does SFone Wireless use?

Many people have asked this question what network does SFone Wireless use?

This had been their primary question when choosing SFone Wireless as their free cell phone service provider by US FeD Government under the FCC.

So let me answer that here for you.

SFone Wireless Network:

As an MVNO, SFone relies on other networks to offer its services.

As such SFone has tied up with Sprint and T-Mobile to offer its services.

You will get the same coverage as T-Mobile coverage on their devices. So you can bring your phone to this network or choose your preferred LifeLine provider without any worry. Although you might not get coverage area in most areas, you can use public WiFi in such cases.

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To talk about SFone Wireless, a licensed free cell phone service provider in the USA. It can be considered as one of the newest entrants in free cell phone service in the USA.

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