What to Consider When Purchasing a New Phone

buying a new smartphone

When you’re purchasing a new mobile phone, it can be extremely stressful to find the best phone for you—especially since there’s so much available on the market these days, which can confuse you.

You may think that the latest model is the best, but when you go and think you’re ready to purchase, you can see many more choices. That’s why you should consider the following when buying a new phone:

  1. Features

Firstly, you need to think about the kind of features on the phone. If you don’t have a specific need, then maybe an essential phone is sufficient, but if you’re interested in doing some research or taking better pictures, you will probably need to consider phones with more features.

Take a look at the different features available on a cell phone, so you can determine what makes sense to you. For example, if you use your phone for photography purposes, you’ll need a camera to capture high-quality pictures and videos that phones like a Vivo Y20i have available. You’ll want a phone with enough memory to store all of the important information you capture every day.

  1. Accessories

Also consider the accessories that are available for the phone. You can save more from buying separate accessories if you buy a phone that has it all, including a battery charger, data cable, an earbud cable, or a headset. Sometimes phone companies offer freebies like memory cards and the like when you purchase their products in cash.

If the phone doesn’t have these extra accessories, you may need to spend more when purchasing them separately.

  1. Memory

If you’re a gamer, you may want to consider if your phone can withstand long hours of mobile gaming. These phones are quite expensive since they have a bigger memory and larger screens so you can enjoy your game. The phone should also be capable of storing the best games you want to install. This is possible if the phone’s memory is high.

If you buy basic mobile phones and you keep on playing games, your phone will lag, which will always stop your game. With such, you may not enjoy the benefits of your phone.

  1. Interface

Although you may need a phone with more features, you should also consider if it is easy to use. You want to get the one you can quickly navigate and set up. To check on this, you should examine the different types of buttons on the phone and determine whether or not you can touch these buttons to perform a particular task. If you can easily navigate through it, then you’ll feel comfortable using it.

  1. Networks

You will also want to consider the different types of networks available on the phone you’re purchasing. You may get a signal from one network, or you may want to get a multiple network service.

The network you choose will depend on your location. If you want it to cater to your network, try asking the agents to verify the networks the phone caters to.

  1. Budget

Another consideration you need is your budget. There are lots of deals on the market, but some of these can be pretty expensive. Therefore, if you’re a bit tight on money, you may want to go for a more economical phone. However, you may need to sacrifice advanced features as cheaper mobile phones tend to have fewer and basic features.

But if you need a new phone’s extra features, you should wait for a couple of months or a year as phone prices gradually go down. That way, you can save from spending on new phones beyond your budget.

However, if you urgently need a new phone, you can ask for plans on how you can pay for the phone. Most companies provide monthly plans so you can get a new phone paying only a down payment. All you need to remember is monthly plans have an interest if left unpaid, and the total price of the phone is higher when you get the phone on credit.


Getting a new phone is exciting, especially if it’s your second smartphone. However, you need to know how you’ll use it so you won’t buy the wrong phone. Consider the features you will use because getting extra phone features is useless if you won’t use them. Also, check if the phone will have its accessories when you buy it. Consider your phone’s memory, especially if you’ll be using it for gaming and storing big data. No matter how great the features are, you need to have a phone you can navigate easily. Moreover, choose the one that can cater to your network and within your budget.

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