What’s In Your Brand? Tech-Led Tips And Tricks To Create Meaningful Impact

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Your company’s branding represents your brand in its totality, says Mary Juetten of Traklight, so it goes without saying that to boost your brand’s presence, you need to get creative and forward-thinking about branding and design.

So what sort of tech-led tips and tricks can help you create a meaningful impact?

It Starts with your Name

Roughly 80% of consumers prefer to support products and services from a brand name they recognize; picking the right one for your brand is of vital importance. A great brand name will generate conversations, grab attention, and stick in the minds of consumers, according to NameStormers. If coming up with a name is a challenge, you can hop online and find a reliable business name generator.

Name generators take into account existing names so you can be sure that the results you get are unique. It also grants you the opportunity to see if the domain name is available — something you’ll need in order to further nurture your branding.

A Visual Artist for your Logo

It takes roughly 5 to 7 impressions before consumers fully remember your brand, according to Pam Moore. You can speed up the process by having a visually arresting logo that establishes your brand identity. It helps to work with a visual artist to put together a digital rendering of your potential logo. It is also important to test the format of the logo across different social media platforms.

A good logo will fit different platforms with very minimal changes necessary. A good visual artist can help adjust your logo through relevant software in order to fit your needs. They should have a strong idea of visual styling to help put subtext into your logo.

Find your Literal Voice

71% of consumers now use voice search in their day-to-day lives, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers. This is another facet of modern life that you can use to your brand’s advantage. You can make use of available voice technology to provide your consumers with an optimized experience that boosts your brand. Tap into Alexa and Google Assistant to put your brand into the database. You can also incorporate voice technology into your products to help build your brand’s identity.

The fascinating thing about business is that it is a sum of many parts. Your brand and its design are integral parts that need careful thought and planning in order to be successful. Whether you’re doing it yourself or you’re calling in experts to help you, make sure that you carefully integrate technology into your branding to obtain the best results.

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