Download WhatsApp for Tizen Phones & Smartwatch

Competition has increased not only among mobile OS but also among the cross-platform messaging apps. WhatsApp still continues to lead and they wanted to maintain it going further. We know that Firefox OS. Jolla Sailfish and Tizen are the new mobile operating system existing for few months.

WhatsApp for Tizen phones

WhatsApp for Tizen

People who will be buying these new mobile OS phone. should be able to meet up their daily basic needs. If there is no chat application or messaging services. then people might back off. So making available the popular applications, games on the new mobile platform, although a daunting task but it should be met.

One such bigger questions revolving around those mobile developers is to expect the availability of social apps like Facebook, Twitter and important of all, WhatsApp. Those are the demanding app at the moment. Look at the Nokia Android phone having trouble with WhatsApp showing ‘Device is not Supported‘.

If a consumer buys a mobile phone, no matter whatever maybe the display size, battery life, if there is no support of WhatsApp, Facebook or other popular apps, the phone isn’t used of him/her.

We have talked too much about importance WhatsApp but the real question is when to expect WhatsApp for Tizen phones? The one-word question is it will still take good weeks of time to come out with official WhatsApp app.

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