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WhatsApp or Whatsup is the most preferred social communication app by many. The app has reached record-breaking 1 billion subscribers and it continues to grow as it operates under the ownership of Facebook. Furthermore, the company has planned to launch 'WhatsApp Payment bank' in India.

Whats up


Whatsup Apk Download

Whatsup is nothing but miss spelling of Whatsapp. It's a popular app available for Android, iPhone and for Windows phones as well.

Some of the other incorrectly spelled (searches) for WhatsApp are -

  • Whatsupp
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  • Whatapp
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So if you search for whats up download and land on WhatsApp search results, don't be surprised because originally it's WhatsApp, not Whatsup or Whats up.

Similarly, you can misspelled www.whatsup.com, com whatsup apk and unknown other terms as mentioned below.

App Name WhatsApp Messenger
File Name WhatsApp.APK
Author WhatsApp Inc
File Size Around 34 MB

Download Links

Download WhatsApp APK 2.17.206

Upcoming Versions

  • Version 2.17.208
  • Version 2.17.207
  • Version 2.17.209
  • Version 2.17.210
  • Version 2.17.211
  • WhatsApp APK 2.18

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