When Should You Choose Hosted Private Cloud?

Private Cloud

A few years back cloud computing term was new to everyone but over the years it has been categorized as per needs. It doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution because different organizations have different needs.

Depending on the needs of your business, you’ll need to choose from three cloud computing options –

  • Public,
  • Hybrid and
  • Private

If you’ve looked into the latter and you’re considering it, here’s what you need to know about the private cloud.

Private Cloud: What is it?

A private cloud is usually used solely by one organization or business. It can be physically located at your business premises and managed on-site (internal private cloud).

Alternatively, you can outsource management to a third-party service that provides hosting (hosted private cloud). If you opt to do the latter, don’t worry, your information, services, and infrastructure will remain on a private network exclusively dedicated to your organization.

Benefits of a Private Cloud

A private cloud is advantageous for the following reasons:

Offers Better Security: Private clouds are more secure than public ones. On public clouds, host providers can access your organization’s information. On the other hand, public clouds only provide access to authorized personnel within your organization.

Superior performance: Private clouds offer better performance than public ones because resources aren’t shared. They are exclusively dedicated to meet the needs and goals of a single organization. Additionally, because private clouds aren’t stretched thin, they can handle large computer and storage demands better.

Enhanced Flexibility: Public clouds can be inhibiting. Conversely, with a private cloud, your organization can customize the cloud to fulfill its particular business needs.

Greater Control: Private clouds provide a greater degree of control because resources aren’t shared. You can easily control access and determine user rights within your organization. More control also promotes efficient resource allocation depending on user needs.

When Should You Choose Hosted Private Cloud?

You should select hosted private cloud for your business for the following reasons:

Your business is dynamic: Business isn’t static. It’s constantly changing. Consider a hosted private cloud if your business is prone to unpredictable computing needs that necessitate first-hand control over the cloud environment. A hosted private cloud can allow you to control things such as security if the need arises.

You handle heavy workloads: Most public clouds aren’t sufficient for heavy workloads because they share resources. If your business handles heavy workloads such as big data processing, consider a hosted private cloud. A hosted private cloud can enhance your organization’s efficiency and speed up your workflow.

You’re understaffed: Hosted cloud computing can alleviate you from the burden of managing the cloud environment on site. That means it can also save you from having to recruit IT personnel to manage your cloud environment. A third-party service can provide you with cloud services off-site and allow you to focus on other vital aspects of your business.

Who Should Use a Private Cloud?

A private cloud can be used across a variety of industries. However, it is especially ideal for industries that deal with sensitive information and those with stringent compliance requirements. Healthcare, finance, hospitality, manufacturing, automotive, and education industries are some of the industries that can benefit from using a private cloud.

Prepared to Deploy a Hosted Private Cloud?

The Liquid Web managed private cloud can offer you enhanced security, excellent performance, greater flexibility, and more control. Plus, it will relieve you from the hassle of recruiting IT personnel, saving you time and money.

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