Who Owns Ratcoin?

who owns Ratcoin

Are you looking for the details on Who Owns Ratcoin. Check out Rat Coin owner’s net worth, income & more.

RatCoin, just by hearing the name you can say that it’s kind of business related to coins or currency. If you have guessed that you are absolutely right because RatCoin is a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other bitcoins. It has actually taken the crypto world by storm.

So here in this article let’s check out who Owns Ratcoin and more details about the owner.

Who Owns Ratcoin?

RatCoin is a crypto currency with its own blockchain. As of now crypto currency value maybe down but still Ratcoin has become very popular especially among the investors. It’s the latest crypto with a lot of demand in the market.

People believe that Elon Musk owns Ratcoin but it’s not true. Infact the Ratcoin developers recently came out with an announcement that it’s not owned or affiliate or run by Tesla or SpaceX or Elon Musk.

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Further adding to the comment, Ratcoin actually doesn’t want to reveal the name of the owner. So the mystery still remains on Who Owns Ratcoin.

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