Smart phones are an essential part of man’s life today; it would be quite difficult to imagine a day without a smart phone in the present day. From work files, to personal data every little data on your smart phone is relevant to you in some way or the other. Smart phones are a boon to the professionals in the industry today and why not, after all the communication line is clearer with the smart phone in your phone accessories

Well, the smart phone that makes things easier for you but then there have been many cases wherein smart phones are not handled properly and are damaged pretty fast. You smart phone or even a mobile phone for that matter needs some accessories that would aid in the better functioning of the smart phone.

The smart phones have come a really long way from their original models. The smart phones being launched today are equipped some of the best of features that offer insane performance where you can run games of extremely high versatility. There are few accessories that would definitely aid you in making the experience with your smart phone better than ever. Opting for mobile phone accessories will also save you some trouble too.

If you are really interested in customizing your smart phone then here are five accessories that you must have for your mobile phone, they will not only make the most of your phone but will also make the usage convenient and easy. These are accessories must be considered irrespective you wanting to customize your mobile phone or for the sake of the aesthetics of the smart phone.

Mobile Charger

Definitely you would be thinking, “You don’t say”. All the mobile today, come with a charger, there isn’t a necessity to say this either, the charger you get with your phone is called the wall charger but then there are several different types of chargers available in the market that would come your aid in one way or the other, and they prove to be far more advantageous than the others.

  • Car charger: A charger would definitely help you in many ways, it is always convenient to charge your phone on the run, especially in the case of the long journey the car charger would be something you will really want to be in possession of.
  • Desktop Charger: A desktop charger also called the docking station is a base unit that comes with a USB cable and holds the cell phone in its slit; you can connect the dock to your computer or laptop to charge your phone. It could also charge your music players etc. with this desktop charger.
  • USB Charger: There isn’t a need for further explanation, you know what the USB charger used for, just connect it to the system and you can charge your smart phone as you work on your system.
  • Green chargers: This is something interesting; the green chargers use renewable sources of energy to charge the smart phone. All the environment conscious people out there, this is the charger made for you, you can buy them at any retail store or online. They are generally powered by solar energy.
    Emergency chargers: Another very interesting concept here, these emergency chargers, as the name suggests may be used only in the case of an emergency. These chargers cannot charge your phone completely but then you would get enough charge to make a phone call again. These chargers generally function on the AAA batteries that are generally available.

Protective Case or a Cover

It is always important to keep your phone in a case or a cover, lest it slips off your hands. These cases may not provide complete protection but then it help from complete damage. When buying a case for your phone, ensure that the sides of the cases are thick enough to withstand the effects of a fall.Protective Case or a Cover

Besides, providing protection, the covers also add a great deal of appeal to the smart phones. There are a wide variety of covers available in the market today, varying from angry birds to Barbie dolls, Avengers, simple, colorful and what not. There are different types available in the retail shops and online, all that you have to do is make a wise choice.

Memory Card

This is no longer a major necessity as most of the smart phones today, come with an internal memory of at least 8GB to 16GB, but if you are professional dependent on your smart phone for every little data then you might need memory card to backup all your important files. You don not check for the different companies manufacturing memory cards today; there is a competition for this teeny weeny device too. Companies like SanDisk, Kingston make the best memory cards in the market. Before you buy an external memory be aware the expandable memory your phone would support.


The box of your phone contains this device with wires that gets tangles in your pockets whatsoever. Headsets have always come in the aid of the ones who have loved to speak hands free and then headsets allow you to listen to music at the loudest volume your phone allows. There are a wide variety of headsets available in the market, called ear buds, boom sets, the ones that are to be wrapped around the head, the boom headsets provide better quality audio, but then it would you some amount.

Additional Battery

In any case your charger gives up on you, having an additional battery is always an added advantage. It does not cause much of a hassle and provided that the smart phones today provide a battery backup of approximately up to 8 hours, then an additional battery will increase your battery backup for 16 hours that is like the icing that comes with your cake.Additional Battery

These are some of the accessories you have to go for to protect your mobile phones at the same tine enjoy the experience better. You can go for any of these mobile phone accessories, they would not be problem and will save your phone in case you would want to dash it against the wall in frustration, the case will to aid here.

Author- The Guest Author of this post is Julia. She wrote several tech posts for Her passion for upgrading her knowledge puts her to research on topics relevant to her industry. Besides, she also likes to share her findings by writing about them in her free time.