How to increase Windows 10 Security in 4 Simple Steps

In case you’re one of the many people currently using Windows 10 on their computers, you probably already heard one or more of your friends who complain about it on a regular basis. Things like batteries going empty way too fast, the screen flashing too many times out of the blue or finding it impossible to use the Internet made lots of device owners wary of using Windows anymore.

Windows 10 Security

Add to that the fact that last year a glitch in this operating system made PCs everywhere vulnerable to cyber attacks, and you will get why computer users eventually became annoyed. Because people relied solely on the Windows Defender back then, each of them had their data stolen by hackers who claimed a reward in exchange for its retrieval.

Windows 10 Security Tips

Keeping Windows safe from malicious software and other kinds of threats is crucial in today’s times. Particularly if your home computer contains important documents. The same goes for companies – small, medium or big – using this OS for their own gadgets or their employees’. If you don’t want to experience problems with your free copy of Windows, and, by extension, with hackers, it’s time to fix them once and for all. In today’s post, we will tell you how to increase Windows security in four simple steps.

Use only the most recent version of your favorite web browser

A web browser is there for us every time we want to connect to the Internet and look for something. Like every other important thing in our digital world, it needs to provide you with the best security ever while you surf the World Wide Web(www). That is why web browsers get updated on a regular basis and why you should only use the latest version every time you open the Internet.

By doing this, you won’t have to deal with bugs that can seriously affect your computer. It’s very easy for hackers to do damage if your web browser hasn’t been updated in weeks. Credit card numbers and passwords are only two of the things that can get stolen and used by malicious people to compromise you. An updated web browser can find and block a phishing attempt, so that’s another advantage of following our first security tip by the book.

Look for a reliable security solution and install it

Contrary to popular belief, not that many people use security products for their PCs. It’s the most important thing you can do to provide strong protection against many types of online attacks. Because there are just so many great options to choose from, you have zero excuses not to install one.

You could, for example, try something from Norton. They are one of the most popular manufacturers on the market and their products always rank high on specialist’s list of best security solutions. The latest version of Norton Security has a lot of great features, is easy to install, doesn’t slow your computer down, and is very efficient in the fight against malware.

Encrypt sensitive data

After you’ve installed a strong security product and your web browser’s updated to the newest version, you should encrypt every important file that sits on your computer. It’s a process that won’t take more than a couple of clicks from you.

Start with your favorite ways to keep in touch with loved ones or work colleagues, like WhatsApp. Now continue with your PC’s hard drives and move on to every other important document, program, application, and so on.

Once the encryption’s all done, you can sleep well at night knowing you won’t lose sensitive info if a cyber attack should ever happen.

Windows must be kept up to date

The reason why Microsoft releases so many updates for Windows so frequently? Because hackers are well-known for finding new methods to wreak havoc on the security features that come with Windows. Every time your device’s operating system asks you to allow an update, make sure you don’t postpone it or say no.

If you feel like your computer hasn’t been updated in a while, go to the Start Menu, search “Windows Update” and click “Check for updates“.

To avoid security problems making a mess of your PC, you need to make sure its operating system stays safe. There are many ways of doing that, and you can find out how to increase Windows security in four simple steps from our most recent post!

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