Windows 95 Ported to Apple Watch – Feels Great!

For some users and practically in this era of high-end hardware, 520 Mhz processor with 512 MB RAM and 8 GB internal memory does look too old school, even on smartwatch too. But this tiny little speced internal of Apple Watch is great enough for Nick Lee to go crazy and Windows 95 on Apple Watch.Apple Watch running Windows 95 Photo

Apple Watch Running Windows 95

Nick is a member of Tendigi Studio which develops mobile apps and he actually made a video of Apple Watch running Windows 95 and quickly it became viral.

How Nick Got Apple Watch Running Windows 95?

First Nick installed Bochs x86 emulator on his Watch with a method to patch files inside an app and then he just had to drop the Windows 95 image on the app. The 21 years old Windows 95 actually didn’t run smooth on Apple Watch [atleast going by the video]. Officially, he quoted that Apple Watch took nearly 1 hour to boot to Windows 95 and after installation he was able to open Start Menu.

If you want to try out something similar then I might suggest you to first read this Medium post and then also checkout Github library for the source code.

Here is the video –

This is just for experiement, don’ try to do it at your home.

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