Rs 80,000 Worker Benefits by EPFO of India ( Site WhatsApp Spam Messages)

There are a lot of WhatsApp Spam spreading on WhatsApp. Hackers/marketers are making full use of it in order to get commission/traffic to their site and other advantages. After the famous OMG Have you seen this Spam message on WhatsApp, it’s the new Rs 80,000 Worker benefits by EPFO of India leading to the site that has been shared by many users. Recently I received one such from my friend and started my investigation about it.

The message from my friends reads exactly this:

The workers who worked between 1990 and 2018, have the right to get the benefits of ₹80 000 by EPFO of INDIA. Check if your name is on the list of the people who have the right to withdraw this benefit:

Here is the screenshot:

WhatsApp EPFO of India spam message

So, it’s it real? That’s the question you have! Am I right?

I have investigated this case and here is what I found in my study :

Most entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers, and businessmen have worked somewhere to gain the experience that they are transformed into. This scam WhatsApp messages target them. This particularly targets users who are in the age group of 50 years to 23 years.

People who have worked from 1990 to 2018 comes under this. But the biggest question is: Is EPFO of India providing Rs 80,000 benefits for those who have worked in that period? Real or Fake?

Is real or fake?

According to my research, I found it to be 100% fake. Do note that this is something not official from the EPFO or Government of India website nor its circular. You can clearly see the site as

That’s a webpage that has a form to submit. Once you enter the details like did you worked from 1990 to 2018 first question, the second question – are you still working? and finally, you will see that you are eligible for these benefits. The site also mentions how to withdraw this amount. The only thing you need to do is share that message with other users on your Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social platforms.

Now, this is clearly a message for website promotion. It says that if you share that message with others you will directly the amount in your bank account. But did you provide your bank details? No, we didn’t until now.

Reason #2 why it’s Fake

If you open that page, you will clearly see that the EPFO logo used or the website logo is not that clear. Even the design elements contain an image i.e., it’s not a fully functional website with proper navigation buttons.

Reason #3

There is no privacy policy page on the website. Further, when you go through the WHOIS info of the site, it’s registered in the name of Domains By Proxy, LLC and gives no proper information about the site owner. You can view the Godaddy whois here.


It’s purely a message that it’s meant for the creator’s website promotion. As far as I know, no such reward is provided by Government of India. You can even go through the Official Indian Government portal at This is just to lure visitors to his site.

Veediyo mein Aap hee hain FB messenger

I have reported this to the Government of India and it’s the time that you too report this via Twitter or by calling digital India.

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