What Would a World Without Wireless Look Like?

Wireless World

Wireless technology has changed everything; from the way, we work to the way we live. While there’s no reason to think that Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared will become obsolete any time soon, it’s certainly worth thinking about society’s dependence on it, and more notably, what would happen if it suddenly disappeared. Would we recover, or would the shift be so seismic that chaos and anarchy would reign supreme?

Of course, we can all read back to a time where the internet was never a thing. Civilization thrived and faltered without the digital world humming away alongside. Still, it’s the sudden abandonment of the wireless world that would impact society the most. What would happen to infrastructure, to jobs, to how people interact? In the end, it’d all be up in the air.

Consequently, it’s worth asking that ever elusive question; what would a world without wireless technology look like?

Social Change

Social interactions have been deeply embedded in wireless technology for a while now. As cheesy as it might be to say, people have used wireless technology to create and maintain relationships. Pen pals, long-distance partners, family overseas; they’ll become that much harder to contact.

Loved ones could be communed with at the swipe of a screen or the click of a mouse, but without that wireless tech, people would lose touch and may, possibly, feel lonelier and more isolated as a result.

A lack of technology absolutely breeds feelings of exclusion, as we’ve seen with the generation that technology forgot, and largely continues to forget. While everyone would be in the same boat, there’d undoubtedly be that lingering dread of abrupt disconnect.

Quite simply, people would miss those that they hold dear and unfortunately, fall out of touch with the people they need in their lives to get by comfortably.

This kind of social change might not seem like a big enough issue on the surface, but it could be damaging, especially to young people. While naysayers might conjure a line or two such as ‘good, then now they’ll go outside’, wireless tech provided an escape for those with issues such as anxiety and depression. It provided a way for people to interact with someone where otherwise they’d have no one, and that crippling loss would sadly be felt amongst millions.

Obsolete Devices

It does not only contact with loved ones that can be lost. There are numerous inconveniences people would suffer at the loss of wireless technology. Wireless keyboards, mouse’s, chargers, remote controls; they’d all be rendered obsolete. Of course, these are more luxuries than necessities, but today people have undoubtedly become reliant on these devices. In turn, many businesses and manufacturers have become reliant on that market, too.

When that market disappears, so too do business opportunities. For example, companies such as Redcentric partly specialize in maintaining wireless services, so if wireless disappears, obviously part of their infrastructure would follow suit. For businesses that are entirely centered around wireless technology, they’d inevitably collapse.

Moreover, there’s all the designers and manufacturers of these technologies to consider. While some would most certainly get another job elsewhere, the demand for workers in their field would, obviously, dissipate. There’d be an extreme loss of talent, and many of them would have nowhere to go.

Employment Complications

Additionally, Wi-Fi undoubtedly plays a huge role in putting employers into contact with global talent too, even outside of wireless industries. Employers can inspect LinkedIn profiles, arrange Skype interviews, and even just be a stronger presence in the public consciousness.

Additionally, those looking for a job can find their dream role faster, researching openings that are perfectly tailored to them. Without wireless tech, the search for jobs and talent becomes far more difficult.

Additionally, every business out there today has a website. For this website to work properly, the firm hires employees to maintain its efficiency and upload content; company news, blog posts relevant to their market, company contact details and product purchasing pages.

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