WSU vs UW – Husky vs Cougars Match for Apple Cup Football

Huskies vs Cougars WSU vs UW

Check out the Apple Cup 2022 match between Husky vs Cougars aka WSU vs UW.

Apple Cup is a yearly event in American football held to celebrate the joy of Apple fruit manufacturing. Washington is the biggest manufacturer of Apples in the world and for years it has been a tradition to play a game every year. [Also Read: Foosball apps for Android]


As always and fixed, there are two teams that play in the Apple Cup football every year.

WSU stands for the Washington State University


UW stands for the University of Washington is the team for the Washington Huskies.

WSU is also known as Washington State University Cougars.

Husky vs Cougars:

The Washington State University Cougars vs Washington Huskies has fought 112 times. Out of this, Huskies (UW) has an amazing winning record of 74 times while WSU has been able to win it just 32 times. 6 times the Apple Cup title was shared.

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Checking the recent 5 years’ results, Huskies have won it 5 in 5.

For the year 2020, the event was canceled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

So that’s the Apple Cup battle between WSU vs UW ie., Cougars vs Husky. Do check out this year’s event as well.

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