Xiaomi expands its to Europe; Mi A1 and Mi Mix 2 for Sale in Spain

Xiaomi, always known for its stylish and performance-based smartphones, has been in the ‘survival of the fittest’ list. After India’s market gave a large return on investment for the company, Xiaomi is stretching its base in Europe as the demand for its products is increasing.

There are a lot of mobiles on the market making their style grabbed off. Amidst the availability of these ‘picks and drops’ of choices, there is one mobile, regarded to be in the course of demand from a long time.

The international ‘want of technology’ is set right for the phone Xiaomi, especially in the case of the Android One-running Mi A1 launch. This model is chosen to be a ‘quite suitable phone’ for the western kind of technological choice.

Xiaomi held a launch event in Madrid, Spain. It has been reported by sources that the Iberian country has planned to host online retailers Amazon.es, MediaMarkt, Phone House and Carrefour.

The company’s official site also is planning to display the required set of mobiles. Now, instead of the hindrance that prevailed previously, where the people in Europe had to import Xiaomi mobiles from China, now, they can get it through the retailers on board at their own place.

Prices of Mi A1, Mi Mix 2

The prices of Mi A1 is €230 and Mi Mix 2 will cost €500. The Android set-top box is expected to be available for €75 and the Yi 4K action camera will cost €135.

The western audience is ready to grab the offers as the online sales are expected to be starting tomorrow November 8, 2017.

It is been told by the company that the retail partner will get the avail for Mi devices from November 22, 2017.

There is an official Xiaomi distributor in Greece and the search is on for service support and sales team by the distributor in there.

This decision again is based well along with the support given by both the online and offline retailers for it.

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