A year after the concept of e-ink display on a unique smartphone device- the YotaPhone was first discussed the phone is finally here to buy. The Russian made device is now taking flight and can be pre-ordered in many European countries and more than 20 international locations are soon to see the phone coming. With E-ink technology that till now was used only on e-book readers users can get an optional screen for reading on with minimal battery consumption.YotaPhone E-ink Smartphone

Unique E-ink Display

Taking the technology in display a step higher the e-ink display essentially offers the YotaPhone user a secondary screen on the rear of the phone. While it has an ordinary resolution of 360x640 pixels, the screen is always on, measures about 4.3 inches and has monochrome display with perfectly readable performance. Overall it supports 16 scales in grey and comes with a touch-zone on bottom. The second screen doesn’t eat much into battery which is a plus for this device. What’s more the e-ink screen automatically displays a refreshed notification and message page. Some custom apps like Twitter can be accessed directly from it. Make a simple swipe from top and get straight to other content such as images and optimized apps.


The phone will be Android OS powered.The front display which is the main one showcases a 720x1280 pixel LCD resolution on 4.3 inch size. Quite regular as also the chip that happens to be a 1.GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core. You also get 2GB RAM, 1800 mAh battery.

Price & Launch

YotaPhone is coming to homeland Russia on December 5 with a starting price of 19,990 Russian Rubles. Simultaneously it will be released for online purchase in 4 European countries- Austria, Spain, Germany and France for €499. But by first quarter of 2014 you’ll be able to find it in other European markets as well and Middle East. Sadly, YotaPhone will not be hitting US or Asian markets.