Know about YouTube Downloading Limitations

YouTube Downloading Limitations

YouTube doesn’t allow people to download videos directly to their storage it is a decision disliked by countless users. YouTube wants us to stay on its platform if you think why? Well, there are many reasons one of which is the advertisements. If you remain on the YouTube page or application and are watching videos, it will allow YouTube to let you see advertisements wholly based on your location. One more thing is it has an autoplay next video feature if you want to keep watching videos and it also suggests your videos depending on your search history to make you see more and more ads.

It is a secure platform, and people not only watch videos here, but they can also comment, add people to their social networks friend list. This fantastic feature allows various YouTubers to reach out to so many people who are in the same profession.

Classification of YouTubers

People with various occupations share their knowledge with the help of YouTube videos as it is also one of the biggest platforms where you can upload videos and earn from them. Videos over YouTube have to be unique which according to me is the primary condition. There are numerous types of videos most of which are informative and people use this site to add more to their knowledge as nothing is perfect no man is an island. Adding more to your experience will help you learn more as there is no limit to the amount of knowledge you can gain.

What makes YouTube matchless for other sites?

The first thing is, it is owned by Google and is also the second most visited website after Google, and it has more than 1.3 billion visitors. Google bought YouTube in the year 2006 because it knew the potential this site has and Google brought this one site to the maximum rank. Some people still don’t like it because this site doesn’t allow downloading content. What you can do is, save videos in the watch later list or make a list of videos you wish to watch again but will never allow downloading them to your computer.

Unrivaled YouTube Video Downloader

There are several sites that have YouTube video downloader tools. The only problem is these sites don’t allow downloading videos of good quality. So, you have to go through so many in order to find the one that can enable downloading video in your preferred resolution. Most of the sites just generate links and their downloading speed isn’t high, it takes ages to download one small video. The one I use, if you have heard of it, is a free video downloader by because it helped me in many ways for my website as well.

YouTube application allows the download of very few videos only if the uploaded has allowed download option for that video otherwise you will have to be online to watch any movie on it.

Videos on YouTube, substantially watched:

  1. Cooking
  2. Vlog
  3. Self-improvement
  4. Celebrity gossip
  5. Pranks
  6. Trailers of new movies, seasons, anime
  7. Educational, all sorts of, how-to tutorials of different software and even gaming videos.

YouTubers upload different videos of their skills to help us improve where we lack. Videos also contain episodes of different dramas as many agencies have channels on this site, and can upload unlimited videos. The maximum file size YouTube offers for uploading is 128GB well that is a lot I know I have never seen a video that huge in my entire life.

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Whenever I work with adobe after effects, the project files take a lot of disk space, but I have never seen a video asking for that much disk space. You can upload videos of up to 15 minutes only if your account is verified and if you want to upload larger videos, then you will need to activate the long video feature.

YouTube Updates

Every minute more than 400 hours of video is uploaded and more than a billion hours of content is watched every day. In the year 2018, it is ranked the second most admired site in the world according to Alexa. With recent updates, it allowed features like 3D videos, Virtual Reality videos, and 360-degree videos for which Google launched Google Cardboard if you want to watch these types of videos.

A new feature that is announced at the end of November 2018 was “Reels” which will add story features like Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat. It will allow users to add up to 30-second videos in which they can add filters, effects, music, textual content, and much more.

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