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Apple Community

The rules are principles, not laws. They are meant for guidance of wise men.

With 2.1 Million members Apple, Android – Complete Tech community is the biggest technology related community on Google+. As said above, rules are principles but not laws.

Community Categories

We advise you to go through the following categories before posting. This will help you to understand where your post should go –

  1. General Discussion : This is where all the technology related questions and answers, help, general discussions goes.
  2. Tech Support/ Ask Your Questions: Anything related to technology, web, mobile you can ask here. Open for all members to reply.
  3. News : This is where you can post news related to technology.
  4. Android : All Android related content but not rooting, Custom ROM[Seperate category for developers]. You can post Android rumors here.
  5. Apple : Anything and everything related to Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and every Apple product sold goes here. You can post Apple rumors here.
  6. Windows Phone : Microsoft Windows corner
  7. Software/Apps : You can post iOS, Android Apps and other software details, news.
  8. BlackBerry/Other OS: To make the list short of community, BlackBerry and other OS except Cyanogen and Firefox OS are combined here.
  9. Cyanogen OS/Firefox OS: News relating to Cyanogen OS and Firefox OS goes here.
  10. Wearable Technology: Combines news related to Apple Watch, Android Wear watches and other smartwatch’s.
  11. Gadgets: Any other gadgets apart from smartphone, tablets, smartwatch goes here.
  12. Support Articles: Right place to post How to Guide and other support articles which are helpful.
  13. Jailbreak, Root, APK, Dev: Jailbreak, rooting, APK, iPA, developers, custom ROM and anything related to developers goes here.
  14. For Moderators: This is the place where moderators can talk.

Member Count as of March 10 : 2,099,374 members [2.1 Million]

If you haven’t joined the community, Please join it RIGHT NOW.

Special thanks to all the moderators of the community. I know how hard they are to fight up with SPAM, Useless posts that come up every now and then and we filter them out.

We are on Facebook as well – https://goo.gl/C2myek

Update: G+ is now discontinued