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Pantech IM-A890

Pantech Vega No 6 IM-A890 5.9″ Android Phone Launched in South Korea

After Vega R3 IM-A850L smartphone in South Korea via LG U+ network, Pantech have more plans to bring in more devices. The new smartphone will dubbed as Pantech IM-A890 as the...
Sony Phablet Glass Display

Sony 6.44 inches Togari Phablet Phone with 13MP Camera, 3 GB RAM Leaked

Sony Mobiles is gearing up for the go with enormous 6.44" display phone. Every tech blog is writing about upcoming XPeria Phablet launching at MWC 2013. Sony after their successful campaign at...
Connect A2 Download

Download ConnectA2 App for Firefox Phones

Guide on how to download connectA2 app which helps to get WhatsApp, WeChat and other IM apps on Firefox phones.
Torque Droid Life

Torque Droid Life 6” Phablet Phone with Dual SIM & Dual Camera Available

Samsung Galaxy Note and Note II have certainly teased the phone features into a large screen device by introducing phablet phones. Just imagine how big can be a phone? We hear...
Honor V10 Specifications

Honor V10 Specifications, Price, Release Date info

Honor V10 Specifications, features, price, release date and availability info. After the debut of Honor 9 and Honor 9i smartphone, the company is now planning to make use of the number "10"...
BBK Vivo X1 phone

BBK Vivo X1 6.55mm Thin Slim Phone Announced

You might have heard of BBK Vivo X1 in the rumours by several websites but today we at Technos Amigos thought, “Yes, we have all details about Vivo X1 phone to...