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Android P launcher

Download Android P Launcher for Android

The expectations are high on the upcoming Android version aka the Android 9.0 or so called as the Android P update. We are calling it as the Android P update because...
Sony Xperia Launcher

Download Xperia Z2 Launcher & Install on Android Phones

Download Sony Xperia Launcher & Install on any Android Phones easily. Are interested in bringing the top smartphone features on your phone? If you like it, then we have gone through many...

Download Android M Launcher for Android Lollipop Phones – Marshmallow Launcher

Guide to Download Android M Launcher for Android Lollipop Phones aka the Android 6.0 Launcher apk. The recently released Android M Launcher for the Android 6.0 Developer Preview is finally available for...

Download Google Pixel Apps [Google Pixel Stock Apps APK]

Download Google Pixel Stock Apps APK like Google Pixel Camera, Google Pixel Launcher, Ringtones, Gallery & lot more.

Download Galaxy S7 Launcher for Android Phones – SO Launcher APK

How to get Samsung Galaxy S7 Launcher app for Android Phones to get S7 alike settings & menu on any Android phone.

Download Asus Marshmallow Theme – ZenUI APK

Asus Marshmallow theme is available for download. Get the Asus ZenUI APK for existing Android smartphone.