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Ulefone Launcher

UleFone U-Launcher for UleFone Android Phones

UleFone U-Launcher is the customized launcher for UleFone Android Phones. U-Launcher is an Ulafone customized launcher for Android handsets which are manufactured under the UleFone brand. Showing on their flagship Ulefone Paris...
Sony Xperia Launcher

Download Xperia Z2 Launcher & Install on Android Phones

Download Sony Xperia Launcher & Install on any Android Phones easily. Are interested in bringing the top smartphone features on your phone? If you like it, then we have gone through many...

Download Android M Launcher for Android Lollipop Phones – Marshmallow Launcher

Guide to Download Android M Launcher for Android Lollipop Phones aka the Android 6.0 Launcher apk. The recently released Android M Launcher for the Android 6.0 Developer Preview is finally available for...

Download Google Pixel Apps [Google Pixel Stock Apps APK]

Download Google Pixel Stock Apps APK like Google Pixel Camera, Google Pixel Launcher, Ringtones, Gallery & lot more.

Download Galaxy S7 Launcher for Android Phones – SO Launcher APK

How to get Samsung Galaxy S7 Launcher app for Android Phones to get S7 alike settings & menu on any Android phone.

Download Asus Marshmallow Theme – ZenUI APK

Asus Marshmallow theme is available for download. Get the Asus ZenUI APK for existing Android smartphone.

Download Google Pixel Launcher APK for Android | Android 7.1 Launcher

Android 7.1 Launcher - Download the latest Google Pixel Launcher APK to be ported to your Android phone easily. Two of the new Google's phones marks the entry of Google into smartphones...

Download Windows 10 Launcher APK for Android – Latest Release

Feel like the Windows on Android mobile with all new & feature rich Windows 10 Launcher APK. Loving the Windows operating system? Sorry but Windows mobile aren't that popular and I think...

Download Android Nougat Launcher APK for Android Phones

Here you can download Android Nougat launcher APK for Android phones. Also get the official Play Store link.

Download ASAP Launcher APK for Android

Android is all about customization and launchers are heart of it. There are various third-party launchers already available in Play Store. People love it some much, so as we do and...