UleFone U-Launcher for UleFone Android Phones

UleFone U-Launcher is the customized launcher for UleFone Android Phones.

U-Launcher is an Ulafone customized launcher for Android handsets which are manufactured under the UleFone brand. Showing on their flagship Ulefone Paris phone, you can get hands-on of the device in live as company is attending Global Resources Exhibition 2015 in Hong Kong from October 18 to 21st October.

This launcher packs set of multiple pre-installed themes for easy apply to your device.

The Ulefone Paris phone has custom version of Android Lollipop with the new U-Launcher and if you own this smartphone you will feel it. This launcher adds touch of individuality to the stock Lollipop ROM and it will get more features added as the new update rolls out in coming days.

Ulefone has plans to bring this U-Launcher to other phones in the market but only to the Ulefone brand and we have confirmed the availability to Be Touch 2. So the OTA to Be Touch 2 will be rolling out soon. Keep your eyes open.

Here is the U-Launcher preview on Ulefone Paris phone –

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