10 Best Foosball Game Apps for iPhone, Android & iPad

Here check out the top Best Foosball Games apps for iPhone, Android & iPad.

In the world of Smartphones and Internet, applications became an important part of our lives. Several apps are available on App Store for iPhone, iPad and Play Store for Android phones and tablets. We use them for work or for fun and today I want to talk about fun part of the day – games. And when we talk about games, we have already gone through best car racing games for iPhone, similarly, we had the collection of top iPhone bike racing games.

Best Foosball Game Apps for iPhone


Best Foosball Game Apps

This entire article will be dedicated to the digital version of one of the best table games in the world – foosball.

So, stay tuned and check out best foosball games for smartphones(Foosball mobile game apps), doesn’t matter that if you own an iPhone X or iPhone 8, or an Android phones like Galaxy S9 ActiveNokia 8, or even the latest Apple iPad. Here are the top 10:

  1. Foosball Cup World game

If you really love foosball and you are looking for a kick-ass foosball app for your Smartphone, I would definitely recommend Foosball Cup World. I honestly think it is the best foosball app on the market. It looks amazing and during the match, you will have a feeling like you are on a real foosball table. You can choose 3 game modes, 3 different tables, one out of 51 national teams, actually pretty much everything.

But, there is one task for you. You have to win matches to unlock new teams and tables which makes this app great for someone who loves a good challenge.


  • 3 game modes
  • 3 different tables
  • choose from 51 national teams

This game is also available for iPhone, iPad users on App Store as well. Alternatively, you can watch Apple Cup Streaming on TV.

Download from Play Store

  1. Foosball by White Collar Games

Graphics aren’t that great with this app, but it offers you some pretty interesting options. For example, you can choose the level of difficulty, which is great because if you don’t know what foosball is and you want to find out, you can do that with this app. You can go from extra easy to extra hard with it.

I find it better for 2 players because you can adjust the duration of the match and you can adjust the number of goals one team needs to score to win. You can choose the color of the players, but they don’t wear jerseys, so it is not that interesting. There can only be matches Red vs Blue, not Argentina vs Portugal.

Download from Play Store

  1. Foosball Android App

I am not a fan of this foosball app, but people seem to be OK with it because it has 3.7 overall rating in the Google Play Store. Let me show you what it can or can’t-do and you will be the judge. First, you can’t choose a team, but you can choose between 2 game modes – the tournament and the match.

Second, you have to control the players with arrows. Playing foosball with arrows is just not right. You have to be able to spin the rods by touching them and that is the main reason why I don’t like it.

Download it from Play Store

  1. Foosball iOS App

The app has very clean lines and the design is not so colorful which I really like. It is made for the iOS so it is for Apple devices like iPhone only. You can choose 1 of 3 difficulty levels and you can play with your friend on your phone.


I like the fact that the ball control is great and the fact that it has great ball physics. People are pretty satisfied with the game even though you can’t choose the game modes and there is no “Practice” mode.

Download it from App Store

  1. Let’s Foosball Free App

When you look at the design of the app you will see chaos. It is rather unusual design but, the game itself is pretty good. I think I can easily say that this is the best iOS foosball app because it offers much more than other applications. You can choose 1 from 4 difficulties,  you can choose 1 from 7 different layouts and 6 different uniforms.

I am not sure if those are national team’s uniforms, but they do have more than just one color. Another not-so-common thing is the fact that you can choose the camera view. Now, some of those features are available in the Free version, but for the rest, you will have to pay.

Download it from App Store

  1. Foosball World Tour on iPhone

Foosball Cup is a great Android foosball game which will satisfy fierce foosball fans. The best thing about it is the fact that you can choose almost everything.

On the main menu, you can choose the team, the table size, the player formation and even the difficulty. That way you can start on easy and when you figure out the game, easily switch the difficulty to medium or hard.

Download it from App Store for iPhone

  1. Foosball World Cup by MonteroBros

MonteroBros did a good thing, but they are far from the rest of the list above them. The game is decent, but the graphic is not that good. The ball rolls too fast and that can be annoying after a while.

I have encountered with few bugs in the game, but that can be fixed with an update. If you are a rookie you may find it interesting, but it is easy to overgrow the game.

Download it from Play Store

  1. Foosball 3D Android game

Are you looking for Foosball 3D Android game app? Here comes one such. The Foosball 3D is an Ok game with average graphic, but the game is not so user-friendly. That means that you can’t choose anything, except the number of players.

You don’t know which one is your color or your side. Also, I have experienced dead balls during the match often so I am not sure they will fix that.

Download it from Play Store

  1. Foosball table by Mehrgan

I am not sure that this game was developed by a real developer or someone did it for a project. The game doesn’t have a menu, it is slow and you can play it only against the CPU.

The good thing is that you can choose the color of the uniform and how many goals you can score before the game finishes but that is about it.

Download it from Play Store

  1. Table Football, Soccer 3D for Android

I hope you are aware that the bottom of the list can’t offer you great graphic and gameplay. If you are a Minecraft fan you will love the design of this game because is resembled Minecraft a lot.

It is simple and OK to play, but it has too many commercials. It is bearable to have a commercial from time to time but after every match is just too many.

Download it from Play Store

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