WhatsApp Spam – What is OMG Have you seen this xxxv.xxvxa.com in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has been used for business and there are several people scamming on the $1 social messaging app. There are several automated WhatsApp Spam Message that is flitting around. You might receive one such in your group or directly from your friend. One of them that I came across is the “OMG Have you seen this xxxv.xxvxa.com” message sent by one of my schoolmates through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp SPAM Messages

You can get Spam on whatsapp in the following ways –

  • OMG! Have you seen this xxxv.xxvxa.com
  • OMG! Have you seen this xxxv.xxvxn.com
  • OMG! Have you seen this xxxv.xxuxi.com
  • omg! *have you seen this?* xxxv.com-xxa.com
  • omg! *have you seen this?* xxxu.xxvxn.com
  • omg! *have you seen this?* xxxu.xxuxi.com
  • *see this now* xxux.xxvxc.com
  • omg *have you seen this * xxe.xx4.co
  • xxux.xxvxc.com

Are you getting such kinds of messages? Here is what you should do –

OMG! Have you seen this xxxv.xxvxa.com

Actually, the content of the link doesn’t give enough description of that message. At first, it looks like a URL/website link but instead of www we have xxxva and this is something that you doubt and you should.

I hate spam and so do you! This is one of the many spam WhatsApp messages that are widespread among users. It’s a fraudulent link that most common users aren’t aware of it.

Hackers use many things which is something out of the box for common users. Actually, they use the Amazon Lucky Wheel Lucky Draw app ad on Amazon.com.

Most users will spin the wheel and it will give you a free smartphone or gift. Something like this :

What Actually Happens?

Actually, that link will take you to the Amazon page where users(hackers here) will generate commission. Amazon has an affiliate program where users can refer other people to buy products using their affiliate banners or links. Even though I am one of their affiliates but never use such hoax methods to generate traffic or sales.

At the end, you generated traffic to the hacker site and some money him.

So, should I forward this message to other users in order to win more spins?

What convinces the common users is that with each share you get additional spin which can help them win a gift. And guys please stop spreading such messages.

Please! Please! Please – Guys report this kind of trick that gives nothing to users.

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So, that was all about the What is OMG Have you seen this xxxv.xxvxa.com spam messages on WhatsApp.

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