Download Panasonic PC Suite for Windows, Mac

Guide on how to download Panasonic PC Suite for WIndows XP/7/8/8.1, Mac computer/PCs and get Panasonic phone connected to PC easily.

Patanjali Phone Release Date, News, Updates on Whole Story

Patanjali Phone : Details about Patanjali P1s Phone and news on Patanjali Phone Story, Patanjali Phone 5G specs, Patanjali smartphone
Comparing Smart Assistants

Comparing Smart Assistants: Google Assistant vs Alexa vs Siri [Infographics]

Here we have compared Smart Assistants i.e., Google Assistant vs Alexa vs Siri through an Infographics. The usage of the smart assistant is on the rise. More and more people are getting...

55 Best Free Press Release Sites List 2018 for Improving SEO Ranking

List of Best free press release sites 2017 mentioned here will accept your article (news) & it increases your website value and SEO rankings.

Watch Google I/O 2018 Live Streaming, Dates & Schedule – Android O Launch Event...

Google IO will go on air on 28 and 29 May 2015 and here we have come up with helping hand on how to Watch Google I/O live streaming with video player.
does Antivirus slow my computer

Does Antivirus Slow Down My Computer?

The way your computer is affected by the antivirus program you choose to use depends on a lot of factors.  The age of your computer, the amount of free space left...

List of 10 Websites to Stream Movies Online

Entertainment is the necessity for any human to make his/her mind go calm. You get a whole new energy by making your body flowing in emotions. It can be a happy,...

What is Hotknot? Benefits and How to use Hotknot Feature

Here comes Hotknot by Mediatek as the best NFC alternative for Mediatek powered phones. Check Hotknot features, how to guide. Technology has been developing ever since man has plunged his brain into...
data transfer Mediatek vs Hotknot

NFC vs Hotknot Mediatek – What Differences?

It’s new and gives competition to the proximity features of NFC thanks to popularity of Mediatek chipset. Hotknot is the  technology is set to be incorporated into Chinese-made smartphones. If things go...

Pro Kabaddi 2018 Teams List | PKL 2018 Team List

Pro Kabaddi 2018 Team: Check out the PKL 2018 teams list showing city/franchise participating in PKL 5 event. Pro Kabaddi gets a major face-lift as there are four new teams coming up...