iPhone Battery Draining Too Quickly Problem – One Step Fix Method

iPhone Battery Draining Too Quickly

In this guide check out how to fix iPhone battery draining too quickly problem.

According to the information provided by Tim Cook at a social gathering arranged by Apple on September 9, the iPhone is one of the most popular smart phones in the world. This statement is pretty bold though this statement may contain half truth. Thus our love for technical gadgets is not so perfect because the iPhone is not at all perfect in itself.

Here the biggest complaint of customers is that the battery of the iPhone gets drained and does not work awesome all the time.

Here we are discussing how to stop draining of iPhone battery with step fix method.

iPhone Battery Draining too Quickly

Apple has made an attempt to find a remedy for battery drain by including a setting in the iPhone known as “Battery” in iOS 12 to iOS 9. They have also created a mode of low power in which the device can be used, it will provide extra power for a single hour. However here there is one complicated step that involves switching off the “Background App Refresh”. For this, you have to turn off all open your Applications this may help you well.

Essentially when you turn off this option then you can save the battery of your battery from getting drained off.

Many people might argue that most Applications remain in a suspended state when it has an open background and it does not drain your battery.

However, the truth is when you have up to 100 smartphone applications on your smartphone then it is not complicated to have anything to refresh anything or refresh them or updating the background of your phone. Thus you can go ahead to switch off the open applications.

In case you only need one or two applications to get updated. You should always make then activated and let the rest applications should be turned off.

Here we are explaining the procedure of stopping the phone battery from getting drained:-

  • Go to the menu and click on “Settings”.
  • Select the heading of “General”.
  • After entering the list of “General” click on “Background Application Refresh” so that you may enter the page that displays all applications that may be eligible for refreshing the background.
  • Then set “Background Application Refresh” in off mode. In this way the battery life of your iPhone will get improved.

That’s it! Your iPhone will now provide you extended battery life. So, those were some of the tips on how to fix iPhone battery draining too quickly.

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